G:Into The Rain - Chapter One in the Arc Saga

Win an iPadSomebody Whooped Trash in G 2.0...and Won an iPad*

Well two weeks of intense competition brought in scores WAY higher than we anticipated. It was AWESOME! Thanks and congratulations to everybody who played. We logged just under a thousand contest operations and a gob of new people are playing G - plus we got a HUGE amount of ink in the process. Folks all over the place covered the little ol contest at this lil'ol' game company. It was pretty freaking fantastic.

Nevertheless, if you missed the contest this time stay sharp! This was a lot fob fun and I expect we'll pull something like it again soon enough

Right now we have to satisfy all the legal hoop jumping so we can't announce a winner until we validate all the blahblahblahh. But you can check out what the leaderboard looked like as the clock ran out

New in G:Into The Rain

  • Dramatically increased speed and response
  • In-flight thrusters
  • Post Scores to Twitter
  • Brag on Facebook
  • Challenge friends via email
  • New corporate profiles
  • Expanded on-line stats

G is the first of three prologue stories to the console game Arc. It is set several decades before that desperate race against time. Set between 3919-3920, G introduces humanity to The Rain - an enigmatic cloud of gas, minerals and ice many times the size of our own solar system. Observed for many years, it has finally drawn close enough to be explored and claimed. Join with one of 10 corporations and chart the riches of The Rain or check in on the corporation leaderboards to see how much has been explored so far.

G 1.4 Launch on iPhone a Big Success

On Jan 15 we released version 1.4 of the iPhone version of G. For one thing, this build got the iPhone version of the game up to speed with the PC version. But the biggest thing for us here was our beta deployment of the SWIG system, which is how we will link our games to the web and then to each other. In just a few days we wound up with over 1,000 log-ins, 2,000 operations and a bunch of new careers logged in the game world. This my friends is a huge step toward for us because it sets us up for what will come next:

  • Persistent player careers across multiple games and multiple devices.
  • Player/corporate guilds.
  • Alternate Reality Gaming

Things are moving along nicely and this year is already shaping up to be a really neat season for Soma Games. Major thanks to all of you who have supported us along the way to get us this far. With this 1.4 build successfully behind us, the long-awaited 2.0 build is just one submission away and you'll see a whole new G - the G we hoped to build all along but didn't know how.

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F - Chapter Two in the Arc Saga

F : The Storm RidersCurrently in development, F is set roughly ten years after the story told in G. The exploration of The Rain has turned to exploitation as the ten corporations race to squeeze every ounce of profit they can from the remarkably rich environment of gas and ice and rare minerals.

Game play in F is completely different from G though the two games share a common world setting. F is a 3D game that puts you in the pilot's seat of a corporate collection tug. Assigned to a mobile collection platform you must drive icteroids, condensates and rare ingots of gold and palladium.

Making matters worse are pirates, competitive corporations and the wickedly dangerous nature of the work itself. Load the well up too quickly and you risk blowing a hole into subspace.

E - Chapter Three in the Arc Saga

ESo far, just about everything about E is well under wraps...all except the name. For now we can only say that E is set another decade into our storyline and will be very different from its kissing cousins. But...maybe we'll share just a hint...sub critical-mass nukes.

As The Rain rolls more and more into the solar system, it's getting thicker and thicker. What were once intriguing balls of snow and gravel have grown to threatening icebergs. The people of Ptah must organize a defense even as they continue to cut one another's throats to get at the deep riches of The Rain.

Arc - The conclusion

ArcArc is a fast-paced race against time as your mining ship is shanghaied into a desperate plan to evacuate a dying planet. Play as a pilot, gunner, or any number of other positions on a ship built for cargo, not for refugees; the choice is yours, but pulling this off will take a well-integrated team, each who knows their specialty and each able to work together.

When it's all said and done, Arc will be an exciting console game that ties off this epic story line without giving you time to catch your breath. Keep an eye out here for more on this exciting game as we move forward in the series.

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