Redwall Puzzle One

Your Answer?


Level 1...

With mice and mechs and CGDC
and who should Chris meet, but Penguin man _____
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Nat waxes poetic, the inner fires that burn,
the search, so he says, is in truth a _____
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"He taught me the...meanings of love, war, [and] pain..."
Says a man we agree with, but what was his name?
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This wilderness guide will make your day brighter,
a camoflauge expert, scout and _____ _____ _____
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Level 2...

Upon his passing,
THE artist opines,
He wrote not books,
But ____

Four axes are burried, dirt up to their necks.
As a fifth stops its singing, the sexton calls "Next."
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'The Ship' and 'The Shepherd'
are lesser-known tales.
Captioned last in a yarn
'bout a curse and a sail..
The food! The Feasts! The tables we're lovin'
but tell me Bernard, how hot is your oven?
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Level 3...

When Zach is emboldened,
robots guarding his bed,
what creature is featured
in the tale he's read?
Start Here...
We're building an Abbey
sans pixel-art creepers,
but this gear head pwns us
in Minecraft cathedrals.

Name the stones, name the keep,
that is hidden beneath
the great walls of our abbey
like a still fallen leaf.
Start Here: LordTBT
From Mouse Guard, Adera,
a tale of Dust,
this writer/designer
has Sean's and our trust.
good luck with that...

Level 4...

------   ------   ------   ------
------   ------  ... ------   ------
------   ------   ------   ------?
Start Here: (cooperantur)
Where are you? (http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html)
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