Education Negatively Correlated to Income

20120528-143642.jpgThere have been several times where we’ve been asked to talk to students about job opportunities in the gaming industry. In most cases, these conversations are hosted by a teacher or administrator who has a vested interest in Academia as a pursuit in and of itself. I think in most cases those folks wish we hadn’t come…

A recent article in Game Developer Magazine confirms what I’ve been saying for years:
…if you want a job in gaming, don’t go to college.

The Thin Line Between Faith and Stupid

One of my favorite lines to (mis)quote is from This is Spinal Tap: “there’s a fine line between clever and stupid.”

Today I’m thinking about the fine line between faithful and stubborn.

We had a dismal Q1 around here and when I say “dismal” I mean something like the “Oh wow. There’s a good chance we won’t survive this” kind of dismal. Between scuttlebutt and news stories I know we weren’t nearly alone on that, plenty of folks saw the same kind of sudden contraction we did, but really that’s beside the point.

When you find yourself in a place that makes you wonder if the thing you’ve dedicated your heart and soul to for several years is about to die it makes you look at things in a rather stark light. You start asking yourself troubling questions like:
Did I make a huge mistake?
What did I do wrong?
Was all my effort a waste of time?

Gaming for Good

One of the best streams we’ve been able to swim in over the last year has been the growing conversation called “Gaming for Good” or “Serious Play.” in that vein I had the honor of speaking at Serious Play in Seattle, the NRB conference in Nashville and now we’re scheduled to speak at Casual Connect…