The First Officially Licensed Redwall Adventure Game 

A ‘progressive adventure’ designed for multi-platform deployment and an immersive adventure within the storied walls of Redwall Abbey.

The best place to keep up on Redwall The Warrior Reborn is on the Facebook page. It’s also THE best place to get in touch with us and others. Come talk to us and ask us questions. We try to answers them on our development vlog called Flurry Friday as well as on our frequent Redwall Game – Artist Q&A live broadcasts.

Corsair’s Last Treasure and Abbeycraft Server

On May 26, 2013 we succeeded in funding a Kickstarter campaign to make a Minecraft adventure map called “Corsair’s Last Treasure”. A stretch goal from the campaign was to build “Abbeycraft”, a fully immersive exploration of the Redwall Abbey within a Minecraft server.

You can find out more about both on the Redwall Wiki Page

Fan made video courtesy of Full Force Gaming

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