Welcome! Thanks for showing an interest in Soma Games – we’re flattered! Would you be willing to take a questionnaire (see below) about your interest in videogame coursework development?

We have been considering all of the interest people have shown in learning video game development training. We have offered job shadows and internships over the last decade. While we know that we have helped many to move forward in their dream to work in video game development, we also know we can help many more achieve their dreams and goals.

To meet that need, we have begun conversations with the Bethel School of Technology in regards to starting a video game development track to add to their current offering. To help us, we would like to ask you a few questions. If you would be willing to answer these questions, we will get back to you soon with any develops. To find out more about Bethel Tech check out the video as well as their website at betheltech.net. We are very excited about this partnership.

We want to gather some basic information about the folks who would be interested in this track as a collaboration between Bethel School of Technology and Soma Games. Tell us as much or as little as you like, only contact information is required.