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MeeGo5 is what you meant to say Intel

Announcing MeeGo5I have about eight blog posts I wan to make coming out of the Intel Elements 2011 Conference, most of them positive. BUt one of these seems pretty time sensitive and I want to be part of the conversation out here so I’m going to do this now even if it’s only half baked.

Whoever is in charge – you cannot use the name Tizen – it’s about the worst possible marketing move possible at this moment.
Instead – call it MeeGo5 – and you’ll be celebrated instead of mocked.

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Posted 3 years, 11 months ago at 1:42 pm.


AppUp – A Big Idea That Takes Time

We’re here at Intel Elements 2011, a “one year later” event from where we first heard Peter Biddle lay out a rather large vision for the Intel AppUp Center. Without going back into the history and our previous thoughts on AppUp I find myself feeling increasingly invested in this thing. Far more than getting tied up in what AppUp is or is not, I’m fascinated by what AppUp wants to become.

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Posted 3 years, 11 months ago at 11:04 am.

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MeeGo + Photon = Genuine Game Platform

So were just wrapping up the 2011 MeeGo conference (#meegoconf) down here in San Francisco and we’ve seen some really cool stuff, heard some interesting news, and met some awesome people – but the first thing I want to write about is a bit of news I just heard from Tom Sperry of Exit Games.

Earlier this month Exit released their Photon multiplayer socket tech as a library for MeeGo – which is a big score for the adolescent OS.

First off – if you don’t know Photon, check it out here:
In the spirit of full disclosure this is technology that we are only starting to dig into but it’s very interesting what were seeing especially with it’s connection to OpenFeint. Simply put, Photon is a library/SDK that facilitates real-time cross-platform multiplayer networking for multiple devices. You want your iPad app to play connect-four with the Android handset version? Check out Photon…

Anyway, while it’s a very tech all by itself, the news that they now have a MeeGo flavor really caught my eye. For one thing it says something about the growing body of code going into this system that is only just coming out of the gates. Two – like it or not, MeeGo will probably get its best shot in the arm from a viable body of mobile games, and sweet utilities like Photon will enable the kind of functionality that could make a genuine hit.

So that’s really it for this post. It’s really just a news bulletin…but if you want to learn more about Photon and Exit Games come on over to CGDC in July (#cgdc2011 / CGDC site) where Tom will be moderating a round table discussion…and ask him about MmeGo.

Posted 4 years, 3 months ago at 10:22 pm.

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The Mouse is Dead! Long Live Touch!

I’l never forget the moment I first understood that the iPhone was something magic though at the time I wasn’t sure what it was I was observing. My pastor, who is one of the most dedicated MacHeads I know, had an iPhone without 38 seconds of them being released. A few days later he was showing a photo of his grandson, on the iPhone, to Beth. Beth is one of those people who maintains a kind of  love-hate relationship with all technology. She’s not a gear-head by any stretch, but nor is she a Luddite like Rebekah. (I do SO love you sweetie, even if you resent my livlihood.)

Beth took the iPhone, cooed appropriately at the charming picture and began to hand the phone back to Bill. As she did the photo rotated and scaled and Beth gasped. She pulled the phone back to herself and the photo spun around again. Eyes like saucers and her mouth agape she starts spinning the phone back and forth back and forth in awe until Bill snatches it away from her with a protective ‘give me THAT’ kind of look.

Without any expectation and no penchant for TechWow Beth had seen something that connected with her emotionally and intuitively. In that instant I think I glimpsed the future.

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Posted 5 years, 1 month ago at 12:22 pm.


Computex: The Buzz, The Bombs, and the Booth Babes

“I just flew in from Taipei and boy are my arms tired…”

I wrote that line a month ago when it was hoped to be at least slightly true…So the “just” has now become a distant memory and I’m only now getting to this blog, but better late than never right?

Taipei 101The whole point of this article is to give a report on what I saw at Computex which was in Taipei (as always) June 1-5. Now in the spirit of full disclosure I should say right off the bat that I was only in Taipei because I was invited to go by a large semi-conductor outfit you’ve no doubt heard of. And since I really never read those NDAs I sign I really don’t even know if I can mention then by name here…but you’ll read between the lines no doubt (where Google will not). Anyway, it’s worth saying that these folks were very generous to lil’ol’ Soma Games, took great care of me and didn’t EVER stop feeding me! I swear I ate 13 times a day over there…which was a good thing.  I stood atop the 2nd highest building in the world, the Taipei 101 and was shocked to see that a Starbucks in Proto-China looks exactly like a Starbucks in Seattle – I just couldn’t really read the menu. But who cares right? ’cause I just know where “Americano Maximus Quad Shot” is on the menu anyway and everybody understands a pointing finger. Continue Reading…

Posted 5 years, 1 month ago at 12:06 pm.