The Lost Legends of Redwall

The first and only officially licensed series of games based on the popular Redwall™ series of books. Experience thrill and adventure in any of our three gorgeous games for any device, from The Scout to Escape the Gloomer, to our mobile story app!

The Reluctant Redemption of Verity Lux

Explore the world of our upcoming hidden-object, sci-fi, interactive fiction game. You’ll play as journalist Verity Lux, investigating a recent disappearance and choosing between reality and sensationalism as you present your findings to the world.

The Wingfeather Saga

Soma Games has partnered with Angel Studios and Andrew Peterson to create a Wingfeather Saga Roblox server! Full of minigames and recreated locations from the show, there’s lots to explore.

Soma Classics

Check out the games that put Soma on the map, including the remake of our breakout hit G: Into the Rain, the loveable yet deep Wind Up Robots, and the quirky, explosive, Santa’s Gunship.

Since 2008 Soma Games has been showing the world something different.

We started showing what hope and beauty could look like in a video game. We started telling the ‘right kinds’ of stories. Not by wagging our fingers and preaching what games OUGHT to be (…or ought not to be), but by demonstrating what they COULD be. We presume intelligence. We reward adventure. Our motto is from the Psalms, “…fearfully and wonderfully made.”

We’re not making time-wasters. We’re making art. We’re not killing brain cells. We’re shaping minds.

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…in which our hero takes a long journey

This story is told from the perspective of Soma’s founder, Chris Skaggs.

One day in 2005, I was avoiding my web development job and reading the news. At that time, a very non-Christian video game was in the news and was in fact being excoriated by Congress who were planning to slap the game with a big fat fine and give it an AO rating. (FYI: it was Rock Star Games and GTA’s infamous Hot Coffee mod). At that same time, I was reading another, counterpoint article about something called the Christian Game Developers Conference. Now I was/am a gamer but had never even heard of Christian games as a genre and certainly never heard of a whole conference surrounding it, so I kept reading. To my surprise, not only was the conference being held that very weekend, but it was also being held just a thirty-minute drive from my house. Maybe all of that was just coincidence, but as I read that story there was that ‘ring’ in my heart where God told me I should go.

Now that might be the first hee-bee-gee-bee moment in the story depending on who you are and what kind of background you come from. For the record, God did not ‘speak’ to me audibly like Moses or something, but it’s a long topic to try to cover in a few paragraphs. With your permission, please allow for the idea that God communicates with us in some way and we’ll move on down the story.

The Scout Has A Publisher!

We’re thrilled to share that Soma Games is partnering with Forthright Entertainment, the esteemed publishing company behind such games as Jaws of Extinction and Shattered – Tale of The Forgotten King for our upcoming release of The Lost Legends of Redwall™: The Scout Anthology! What does this mean, exactly? Well, in short, a lot of…


Writers Conference Retrospective

All you gamers out there probably recognize that there is a spectrum of storytelling in games. On one end, you have tightly curated tales where the game is like a Disneyland Ride – you are along for the journey with a little bit of swivel control on your teacup. On the other end, you have…


Adventures in Glipwood: Bringing Wingfeather to Roblox

Over the past couple of months, a small crew of us here at Soma Games have been secretly developing a Roblox adaptation of The Wingfeather Saga, called Adventures in Glipwood! For those that don’t know, The Wingfeather Saga is a book series by Andrew Peterson that has recently been adapted into a full-length animated show. Adventures in Glipwood is…


The Scout Anthology Announcement

Redwall Fans Rejoice! The long-awaited anthology is nigh! Play The Scout as one continuous game from Act 1 to Epilogue in the upcoming anthology! We’ve pooled every lesson we’ve learned along this journey to bring you the Scout in its full glory—from updated lighting to snappier controls, this edition will have it all and more.…