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HQ: Memphis, TL
PCK: Anne Selket was groomed from a very early age to take over her role as the head of Alinas, just as all the previous PCKs of the corporation; she has proven to be all that the corporation hoped for and more. Selket excelled in her academic courses and proved a blazing star on the social scene-in fact, most people know her more for her roles in the Marcellete Eunomia series of films or her famous portrayal of Salmaht at the Ukelo Festival in 6254 than as a corporate head. Universally hailed as the most beautiful woman alive, Selket garners attention whether announcing Alinas' corporate programs, posing for fan photos, or just walking down the street. As the 148th High Priestess of the Alinas cultus, she also generates a good deal of interest (though Selket has always downplayed this aspect of her position). Her public persona is one of brilliant grace and witty charm. Privately, Selket is known for her unbending will and razor-sharp mind. Those who walk into a meeting with her expecting only a well-spoken corporate figurehead often walk out looking rather stunned and now bound in a complex Alinas contract. She is also known in business circles for an iron will and little to no tolerance for failure. Selket is intent on pushing Alinas to the forefront of technology, not content to rest on one of the most well-respected corporate names on Ptah. She has poured a great deal of Alinas' capital into new business segments and has invested herself personally into dozens of new projects.

Contractor Benefit: Long standing expertise with environmental analysis provides 15% larger SDER sampling radius.

Alinas By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 1,083
Operations In The Rain: 4,731
Total Rain Pay: $51,686,812.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 4.3684
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $47,725.59
Average Pay/Op: $10,925.13

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. Soto Ensei SO2 55 Phamenat 22.3019 3,585,114
2. Nugget SO1 50 Pharmuti 30.3019 168,253
3. JimDeadlock4 SO2 50 Athyr 14.3020 2,148,542
4. Nugget SO1 50 Mesore 6.3019 50
5. brhinox2 SO2 50 Payni 9.3019 1,155,599
6. Fortunate Fa11 SO3 49 Epiphi 22.3019 861,629
7. AGGRESSOR SO3 49 Athyr 4.3020 1,105,587
8. temp SOAM 49 Athyr 7.3020 480,867
9. 2 Dev 735938069 SO3 49 Athyr 7.3020 1,042,216
10. 2DevUS06271510 SO1 49 Khoyak 22.3020 6,620
11. oKid UKo SO3 49 Phamenat 23.3019 759,325
12. 2DevUS09291502 SO1 49 Khoyak 27.3020 10,058
13. Nugget-11014145 SO1 49 Tybi 12.3020 49
14. Nugget SO2 49 Khoyak 19.3020 812,005
15. Crnmn8800 SO3 49 Mesore 28.3019 753,017
16. LucienStorm SO3 49 Mekhir 26.3020 1,073,185
17. Eric SOAM 49 Pharmuti 2.3019 92,751
18. 2DevUS09181592 SOAM 48 Khoyak 28.3020 48
19. Nugget SO2 48 Epiphi 20.3019 584,323
20. Intern SO2 41 Pharmuti 18.3019 515,959

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