Corporate Profile


HQ: East Canyon, CP
PCK: Clarifex has gone through a number of changes in recent years, but few have affected it so profoundly as the appointment of Michael Anu as PCK. A creative genius who was placed in the top position through a complex flurry of accidents and business maneuvering, Anu was a relative unknown in the corporate world (having risen in the design arm of the company) but has become the "golden boy" of Clarifex. Anu began at a very early age in the design segment and made a name for himself on the runways of Memphis and Beltaus. He managed his own label and was canny about his department's finances and reputation, but none expected him to ever sit in the chairman's seat. In the twelve years since Anu's appointment, Clarifex has experienced a renaissance of creativity, rocketing beyond its previous market share to take a spot amongst the most powerful corporations on Ptah. Anu sees himself as a "warrior-poet"; colleagues and friends describe him as a kind of whirlwind of creative endeavor: sometimes unpredictable and terrifying but always fascinating. Some say his real genius lies in delegating day-to-day operations (which Anu has publicly said he finds dull and uninteresting) to highly competent underlings, but none can deny that it is his personal vision that has reinvigorated the company. He has initiated dozens of major new projects, and though some of these are not successful, for every failure (such as the much reviled Espial line of rigid, semi-opaque fashion), he has a handful of stunning successes (like the "Eye of Osiris" brand of optics). A recent issue of Adept magazine called Anu, "a mad, visionary wizard, a virtuoso who, rather than symphonies, plays monofilament silk and profit margins." Though he has shown little interest in the industrial textile segment of the company, Anu is smart enough to know that the major revenue stream of the corporation now comes from that division and he ensures it is well funded. (This also keeps the board and investors satisfied.) Some openly wondered why a design and textile house, even one as powerful as Clarifex, showed any interest in the coming Rain (other than as an opportunity to increase sales of materials used in the exploration). Anu sees the Rain as a kind of sign, a challenge to be overcome and an anointing of the creative spirit. More than anything, he finds the unprecedented cosmic event romantic, a mythic inspiration to awaken the world to beauty and wonder. Wherever he chooses to take the company, though, the public has shown that they adore Anu and will follow his exploits with interest (and market share).

Contractor Benefit: Experimental nanoweave antennas improve telemetry sampling. 20% better pay rate per Dr sampled.

Clarifex By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 237
Operations In The Rain: 1,224
Total Rain Pay: $13,124,705.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 5.1646
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $55,378.50
Average Pay/Op: $10,722.80

Top Contractors:

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