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HQ: Soundholm, DE
PCK: Hiouen Thsang is sometimes called "The Serene Master" by his employees and the popular press, and it is a sobriquet most agree is well deserved. Hiouen is the calm center of DASA Corp., seeming to embody their ideal of the balance of mind, body, and spirit. A trim and athletic man, Hiouen begins every day with exercise and meditation, and only then turns his thoughts to matters of business-he claims this keeps his spirit clear and his thoughts unclouded. He listens more than he speaks, but is also known for his unwavering resolve. His sagacious leadership has helped DASA continue to dominate the healthcare industry even in the face of many challenges. All of this is somewhat ironic, as forty years ago Hiouen was ousted from the same director's chair he currently occupies for being too reckless and indiscreet. Hiouen was the youngest PCK in corporate history when he took the head office of DASA Corp. at the age of 24. He was groomed for the spot by his predecessor and aunt, Min Thsang. At the time he was known for his keen business acumen and his audacious approach, and many within the company objected, both because of his youth and his impulsiveness. Hiouen did make some dramatic changes, closing some divisions and initiating research into some fields then considered too esoteric to be pursued (including a proposal to create a distance-delivery vector which eventually became DASA's famous MedSpot technology). The board complained loudly that he ignored their advice and ran the company as his personal kingdom. Only a year into his tenure came the Therecia Incident. In 2253, DASA's bio-reclamation plant in Therecia, Qilon, suffered a catastrophic containment failure. With the risk of potentially deadly viral and bacterial contamination of the surrounding area (and a special risk of contaminants making their way into the water table and from there down the Adon River to the coast), Hiouen took several dramatic steps that shocked the company. He immediately halted most of DASA's operations (save for humanitarian relief and front-end healthcare) and ordered the resources to the site. The leaders of all the surrounding countries were alerted to the threat and asked to send what assistance they could. Most damning for Hiouen, he personally called the PCKs of Purus, DDH Matsya, and Panis Global, asking them to lend whatever aid they could to containing the outbreak and protecting the public, and promising to foot the bill for their expenses in doing so. The Therecia Incident became the most famous potential man-made disaster in Ptah's history. Though the threat was contained (only a handful of DASA's first responders died or suffered grave illness, and no one outside the company was affected), DASA's stock prices plummeted and, following the incident, politicians enacted far more stringent safety laws and demanded more thorough and transparent containment protocols from any company handling hazardous materials, costing the corporation billions of riks. (In popular parlance, hazardous materials regulations are still sometimes called "DASA laws.") Within the company, the board and executives were outraged at Hiouen's actions. They asked why he had not waited for fuller disclosure of the threat, why he had not demanded further analysis by their own science officers and security before bringing in outsiders, and why he would risk DASA's good name by alerting the world to the problem so publicly. Had Hiouen not had the support of his aunt and the company not been so fiercely dedicated to protecting the Thsang name, the PCK might have been ousted entirely. Instead, he was forced from his position and given "extended leave." Few know exactly where Hiouen went during his three-year hiatus, bur rumors abound. (Conspiracy theorists say he was actually doing secret work for the company in areas that DASA had not yet penetrated; the more generously inclined suggest he may have been seeking spiritual solace.) Whatever the case, the Hiouen Thsang who returned to head a minor division of the Personal Healthcare segment was not the same man who had been unceremoniously forced out earlier. The next ten years vindicated Hiouen. As more and more was uncovered about the Therecia Incident, the true scope of the potential disaster became clear. Had there been hesitation-had Purus not constructed the series of concentric containment grids that still stand today at what is now called the Hole, or Panis' Tau detachments and Matsya transports not evacuated the surrounding areas-most researchers now agree that the effects might have been pandemic. DASA might not have suffered a financial loss: it might have collapsed, and its executives would most likely have been left open to criminal as well as civil charges. Hiouen, meanwhile, worked his way back up through the ranks a second time until the board was happy to welcome him back to his former position. The Hiouen Thsang who occupies the PCK's office now is quite different from the man who sat in it four decades ago, but he has not lost his shrewd mind or his determination to do what he must to make DASA Corp. great.

Contractor Benefit: Receive 3% commission on all scores from players you convince to join the Arc universe

DASA Corp. By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 267
Operations In The Rain: 1,259
Total Rain Pay: $23,093,142.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 4.7154
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $86,491.17
Average Pay/Op: $18,342.45

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. Lennie Crout SO1 54 Thoth 14.3020 7,290,864
2. Sourpunch SO2 50 Pharmuti 12.3019 7,234,757
3. Nugget1351103062051 SOAM 49 Pakhons 21.3019 630,578
4. Jb SO3 49 Pharmuti 1.3019 953,863
5. 44rrrrrrr445tt SOAM 49 Khoyak 3.3020 382,500
6. 2 Dev 280212884 SO3 49 Mekhir 18.3020 720,173
7. GhettoTx SOAM 35 Pharmuti 3.3019 220,355
8. Nugget SOAM 34 Payni 3.3019 408,045
9. Nugget SOAM 33 Pharmuti 1.3019 324,468
10. SilentRich69 SOAM 29 Phamenat 29.3019 347,523
11. Young Buck SOAM 29 Khoyak 12.3020 484,199
12. Greg SO3 25 Khoyak 13.3020 204,170
13. Capten Jack SOAM 24 Pharmuti 2.3019 23,293
14. Dude SOAM 22 Pharmuti 8.3019 156,843
15. (null) SOAM 21 Payni 11.3019 320,405
16. Nugget215901191831 SOAM 18 Pharmuti 5.3019 95,104
17. freecirc SOAM 18 Pharmuti 4.3019 116,000
18. Nugget383306010908 SO3 17 Mesore 18.3019 319,370
19. Nugget1182603185446 SOAM 14 Payni 4.3019 383,947
20. Nugget182701170907 SOAM 11 Pharmuti 3.3019 83,308

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