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HQ: Sorburg, NW
PCK: You can't go a week on Ptah without seeing Echo Tellurian grinning at you from the cover of Modern Syndicate or Éclat on newsstands or sidewalk oculets. Whether he's opening a new docking facility, test flying a Hierofalco suborbital ramjet, or taking his model girlfriend Hermine out to a midnight wine tasting at Priya, whatever he does, the press want to be there, covering the planet's most entertaining billionaire. Echo is a consummate playboy: he sails, he hunts, he gets into wild political debates on television, he gives million-rik donations to charities, he parties with movie stars. All agree that he's charming, savvy, and plays the media like a fiddle. His business sense is not always the most sound-no one will soon forget the spectacular failure of the Kingu Gravity Lift on Anshel Island and the resultant financial loss-but he has daring and panache in spades. He's also smart enough to choose brilliant and loyal underlings. His genius is in the vision, not in management. Echo famously dropped out of college to make his fortune, helping to build and find sponsors for the reknown Ammun's Hammer, which won the Heliodorus Invitational three years running. The Tellurian family has long been in the engineering game (Echo's father, Nicholas "Dad" Tellurian, was for years the head of aerospace at DDH Matsya, and though he's now retired, he still retains a seat on the board), but Echo was a black sheep, refusing to settle down and seriously tackle the job of design. He has great skill with a spanner and an analyzer (indeed, rumors fly that when the mood takes him, Echo will throw on a clean suit and spend a few hours in the research and development labs of DDH, cobbling together something it will take the engineering department weeks to work out), but he lacks the focus to stick with any single project for long. No one even asks why Echo would be pouring DDH Matsya resources into exploring the Rain: as the most powerful aerospace company on the planet, DDH is involved with most exploration attempts. Even more than this, though, the world would have been shocked if Tellurian hadn't set his sights on being the first to plumb the depths of the phenomenon-he has vowed that, as soon as a permanent DDH Matsya exploratory space platform Kalpana is operational, he will personally pay it a visit.

Contractor Benefit: Solid and liquid fuel compression technology allows rockets to carry 20% more fuel.

DDH Matsya By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 462
Operations In The Rain: 1,812
Total Rain Pay: $16,909,784.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 3.9221
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $36,601.26
Average Pay/Op: $9,332.11

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. Nugget SO1 50 Tybi 2.3020 50
2. 2 Dev 739187011 SOAM 49 Athyr 7.3020 479,467
3. Nugget267002035858 SOAM 47 Pharmuti 20.3019 231,508
4. (null) SOAM 47 Athyr 24.3020 691,354
5. Crow_T_Robot SO3 40 Pakhons 5.3019 900,602
6. (null) SO3 37 Mekhir 8.3020 666,646
7. Nugget342504061653 SO2 35 Payni 22.3019 488,305
8. Nugget812509284424 SOAM 28 Khoyak 12.3020 286,186
9. Nugget319103113301 SO3 28 Pakhons 26.3019 468,711
10. RolandG SOAM 22 Khoyak 12.3020 393,771
11. (null) SOAM 22 Paophi 4.3020 352,737
12. Nugget1379908131028 SOAM 22 Paophi 26.3020 391,202
13. Lieka SOAM 22 Phamenat 4.3020 242,817
14. Nugget347704145834 SO3 22 Payni 30.3019 284,374
15. Nugget282202160026 SO3 22 Pakhons 3.3019 263,555
16. luismillon SOAM 21 Payni 15.3019 524,210
17. Nugget1322512134125 SO3 21 Mekhir 28.3020 404,592
18. Nugget534604185334 SOAM 21 Epiphi 4.3019 464,060
19. Wolf359 SOAM 21 Khoyak 11.3020 386,785
20. Nugget SOAM 18 Khoyak 19.3020 156,237

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