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HQ: West Canyon, CD
PCK: Illya Bhrigus is a direct descendant of the ancient clan of tundra barbarians that populate hundreds of the oldest stories on the planet. The Torgum were incredibly tough and hearty people who were able to keep empires ten times their strength on their heels by the force of their boundless tenacity, and that peculiar Torgum trait, among others, is especially apparent in Mrs. Bhrigus. With a settled conviction that one must fight for what one wants, Bhrigus approaches every aspect of her life and business as a battle. This has occasionally led to unnecessary conflict (famously, Colier Wulfsheim, great-great-great-grandson of Xavier Wulfsheim-one of the founders of the corporation-resigned his seat and formed Cyclotor Technologies after a particularly bitter disagreement with the PCK; in his autobiography, Stone by Stone, he places full blame for his departure on Bhrigus' inflexibility), but it has meant she has never been surprised or betrayed. While many find her attitude personally offensive, there is no argument with her results. Under her leadership, IDX has doubled its market share and technologies deliberately designed to exclude competitors' systems has meant IDX power supplies and sub-systems are placed in 75% of every device currently made. Bhrigus is often characterized as the least creative and most moribund of the major PCKs on Ptah; her stodgy personal appearance and flat affect do not help improve her image. Scuttlebutt has it that the image managers and advertising executives of her own company (and even so reticent a manager as Moshe Bergenfield of Rosetta North) have begged her to take some thought as to her appearance and demeanor, but Bhrigus stubbornly insists that only the bottom line matters. "We don't go in for pretty," she once said on Cymea Nationwide (during one of her vanishingly rare media appearances). "We go in for quality. You want pretty-paint the generators purple for all we care."

Contractor Benefit: Tau field segmentation technology extends SDER signal degradation. Second and third pings are more valuable.

IDX By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 284
Operations In The Rain: 1,630
Total Rain Pay: $55,739,866.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 5.7394
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $196,267.13
Average Pay/Op: $34,196.24

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. Dreamer SO1 50 Pharmuti 4.3019 26,623,957
2. Nugget320803123426 SO1 49 Pakhons 27.3019 493,499
3. Agent Il SO1 49 Khoyak 11.3020 611,350
4. Nugget974910095816 SO1 49 Khoyak 23.3020 438,470
5. chrisrushing SO2 46 Pakhons 15.3019 14,572,002
6. mike SOAM 33 Pakhons 24.3019 263,407
7. Cool ting SOAM 32 Pharmuti 9.3019 418,266
8. commader SOAM 28 Pakhons 24.3019 376,894
9. Nugget1280308181530 SOAM 28 Athyr 1.3020 531,191
10. Gyious SOAM 28 Epiphi 26.3019 456,156
11. (null) SO3 27 Khoyak 12.3020 376,795
12. Nugget SOAM 25 Khoyak 13.3020 325,861
13. Lapkonium SOAM 24 Khoyak 12.3020 463,402
14. Justin__W SOAM 24 Khoyak 25.3020 242,662
15. Plebe2734 SOAM 22 Pharmuti 24.3019 263,554
16. Nugget1104503173913 SOAM 22 Payni 3.3019 410,415
17. Nhobdy SOAM 22 Khoyak 12.3020 424,840
18. Nugget SO3 22 Payni 22.3019 193,584
19. Nugget SO3 22 Thoth 19.3020 457,301
20. Nugget SO3 22 Payni 28.3019 339,973

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