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HQ: Mystery, TL
PCK: Parsu Carnake is, perhaps not unpredictably, the most cautious and careful of the current crop of major corporate PCKs. Known for a brilliant mathematical mind, Carnake runs banking by the tried and true rules: borrow at 1/2, lend at 2, go home at 3. Other observers, however, think that the stolid, precise image Carnake presents the world is just what the world wants to see in a banker; underneath, he's rumored to be a calculating mind and, possibly, one with avaricious habits that would put a sybarite to shame. Certainly under his watch Mystery Alliance has expanded its profit base exponentially: where once it was a solid and reputable firm, now it dominates the financial sphere in everything from investment banking to personal credit to mortgages and other loans. Carnake is in his late fifties, with touches of gray hair at his temples. He is always business-like and careful about his image, though he has been known to let a temper come through if pushed to it or surprised. He is exactly what the board was looking for when they needed a new head for MA after the disgrace and firing of Augustin Rice, the previous office holder. Rice was indicted by the high court of Tkele for a dozen counts of securities fraud. Rice has and continues to protest his innocence, but after being arrested and publicly dragged out of company headquarters, the board requested that he step down. Without other options, he did so (mainly to preserve a sizable bonus). With the ensuing black mark and public distrust, the board needed someone of sterling reputation and sober policy to replace their flamboyant former PCK, and they needed someone who was not in an officer position who could be tied to Rice. Carnake was an operations head in Falhaven at the time, and being plucked from there to the top seat was quite a promotion. But he had a reputation for his careful approach and business acumen, and so he got the position. The board has been most pleased with their choice. Not only did Carnake provide the dependable image they needed, but he turned out to be a financial wizard the likes of which has rarely been seen in upper management. Under his watch Mystery Alliance has expanded its client base in astonishing ways, and the Consumer Banking segment has more than doubled in size. Where the company was the first among giants, it now towers over the rest of the industry. They had always had the premier position as the lender to the other big companies, but it was Carnake who pushed the company to reach out to the "average man." Personal lending being seen as somewhat beneath such an august institution in the past, Carnake's move was looked at askance, but the resulting landslide of credit and soaring of profits quickly changed opinions.

Contractor Benefit: Contractors earn a 10% bonus dividend with SWIG opt-in.

Mystery Alliance By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 474
Operations In The Rain: 2,501
Total Rain Pay: $65,221,226.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 5.2764
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $137,597.52
Average Pay/Op: $26,078.06

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. pajo_ojap SO1 50 Pakhons 10.3019 25,911,946
2. JoeyNonsense SO2 50 Phamenat 22.3019 1,261,316
3. Raygun SOAM 50 Pharmuti 8.3019 499,020
4. Raptor SO3 49 Pakhons 13.3019 14,590,074
5. McFierce SO1 49 Pakhons 14.3019 2,017,353
6. Gabriel SO3 49 Pharmuti 16.3019 1,058,961
7. DJ SO2 49 Pakhons 19.3019 1,545,042
8. IT SOAM 36 Pharmuti 3.3019 397,594
9. SOAM 35 Pharmuti 2.3019 441,652
10. Beryl SO3 35 Epiphi 13.3019 496,105
11. (null) SOAM 35 Khoyak 12.3020 730,925
12. temp SO3 34 Athyr 7.3020 576,875
13. (null) SOAM 33 Khoyak 12.3020 566,435
14. Nugget722209284855 SO3 32 Khoyak 12.3020 357,401
15. Nugget175801172718 SOAM 28 Pharmuti 3.3019 104,836
16. Fezbert:) SOAM 27 Payni 3.3019 464,501
17. Nugget SOAM 27 Payni 4.3019 327,292
18. Nugget280202140328 SOAM 27 Pakhons 1.3019 178,419
19. (null) SOAM 24 Khoyak 12.3020 183,973
20. Nugget273502071443 SOAM 24 Pharmuti 24.3019 147,355

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