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HQ: Bhalanas, CP
PCK: Edward Chandler I, founder of New World Incorporated, was famous for his charisma and cunning, and it was through his force of personality that the company prospered for several decades. His son, Edward Chandler II, was brought up in his father's image-his father was well known to take the boy off on his own, and the younger Edward later said that he rarely saw his own mother. He was nearly as charming as his father (though while the old man lived, many said that he was merely imitating his sire; later, this would endear him to many who knew his father). Edward Chandler III inherited his forebears' brilliance (indeed, some say his intellect is quite uncanny) but none of their charm. Few know anything of the current PCK's youth, though it is known he was very ill for most of his early life and there are few public records of his accomplishments. What information is available suggests that the youngest Chandler exceled in his studies under private tutors, entering Ashton University at the age of 16 and earning two degrees by the time he was 20. When he started working beside his father at 23, he was a pale, serious young man. When Edward II died suddenly, his son stepped in immediately and continued the company's work-he did not even take time off to mourn, but showed up in the office one day and issued the curt memo, "We mourn the passing of Edward Chandler II. We know he will be missed and would wish us to carry on business as usual." In public, Chandler III can often lose the press through complex verbiage and archaic erudition; he seems to have little concern about whether he is understood. He rarely answers questions and when he does so, his responses are short and direct. He prefers to do his work out of the limelight, suggesting that his personality is not an issue: only the company's performance matters. He is known to travel a great deal and to spend most of his rather limited free time reading. NWI under his leadership has continued its tradition of charitable giving, so most forgive him his personal lapses and suspect he is simply a very private individual.

Contractor Benefit: Raw data is more valuable. Base SDER target value is 20% higher.

New World Incorporated By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 345
Operations In The Rain: 1,589
Total Rain Pay: $13,870,422.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 4.6058
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $40,204.12
Average Pay/Op: $8,729.03

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. Something SO3 50 Thoth 11.3020 50
2. Fozb The Conceror SOAM 46 Mesore 1.3019 459,774
3. Nugget184201175447 SOAM 34 Pharmuti 3.3019 375,274
4. Nugget313403074050 SO3 28 Pakhons 22.3019 581,594
5. Nugget229801203106 SOAM 27 Pharmuti 6.3019 219,076
6. Tard SOAM 23 Payni 3.3019 211,426
7. Eazee SOAM 22 Pakhons 21.3019 223,575
8. Nugget179701174056 SOAM 22 Pharmuti 3.3019 158,052
9. Shine SOAM 21 Khoyak 13.3020 112,544
10. Nugget620209272220 SOAM 21 Khoyak 11.3020 75,237
11. Nugget400306300725 SO3 21 Thoth 12.3020 379,368
12. fxruizx SO3 21 Mekhir 20.3020 808,185
13. Nugget1329702025451 SOAM 21 Pharmuti 19.3019 183,175
14. Bull363 SOAM 19 Khoyak 19.3020 374,538
15. JacRabit SOAM 18 Khoyak 11.3020 240,149
16. Lord Maedhros SOAM 17 Payni 20.3019 194,705
17. Sammu666 SOAM 15 Khoyak 13.3020 111,699
18. Nugget379305275823 SOAM 15 Mesore 13.3019 124,743
19. Clockwork SOAM 14 Pharmuti 14.3019 263,548
20. (null) SOAM 14 Epiphi 24.3019 370,391

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