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HQ: New Taya, SR
PCK: Unlike most of the PCK's of Ptah's major corporations, Rachel Towns worked her way up ranks-quite literally, given Panis Global's military hierarchy. Starting with the company straight out of high school, Towns established herself as an impulsive but crafty cadet. She took advantage of Panis' educational incentives and completed a degree in administration which served her well as she was promoted quickly in the tactical division. Towns is known for decisiveness in a crisis and a talent for strategic thinking, but she has also been chastised by the board for her rashness, and once she has made a decision, it can take vast effort to convince her to change it. Some have cited this as a fault in her leadership, but her subordinates have routinely reported that Towns listens to expert advice and considers all her options before making up her mind-they claim she simply does this more rapidly than the average corporate head and doesn't make apologies for doing so. Nevertheless, she carries a reputation as a brash leader and an uneven PCK. Still, it would take a colossal disaster to dent Panis' market share, so firmly entrenched is the company in its sphere. Towns is widely regarded in the business community as being more interested in market tactics than fiscal policy. Akilesh VanCamp, in her article "Storming the Markets" in Adept, characterized Towns' approach: "Panis Global's PCK seems convinced that the purpose of business is to outwit your competitors-and your customers." Few wish to contest with Towns on the purely business front; if she has a weakness, it's a lack of concern about public relations and corporate image. It is not the case that Towns disregards such concerns, but her attitude could be characterized as mercenary. VanCamp quotes Towns in her article as likening advertising to "psychological warfare," which seems rather blunt to more sophisticated analysts. Some have attributed this earthy demeanor to clever self-promotion rather than lack of sophistication.

Contractor Benefit: Missile chasis production is highly efficient. Rockets cost 10% less.

Panis Global By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 656
Operations In The Rain: 2,922
Total Rain Pay: $26,790,618.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 4.4543
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $40,839.36
Average Pay/Op: $9,168.59

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. Radiago SO1 99 Pharmuti 14.3019 5,170,656
2. Nugget SO1 50 Paophi 3.3020 50
3. Something SO3 50 Thoth 17.3020 50
4. Nugget SOAM 49 Payni 4.3019 589,955
5. Viking 1 SO2 49 Payni 6.3019 504,707
6. Nugget292302262056 SO1 49 Pakhons 13.3019 515,396
7. Nugget668809274053 SOAM 49 Khoyak 11.3020 708,840
8. Telson SOAM 49 Pakhons 24.3019 748,736
9. Nugget799009281717 SOAM 49 Khoyak 12.3020 507,214
10. Nugget1092503174118 SOAM 49 Payni 3.3019 438,993
11. Nugget420108115328 SO1 46 Paophi 24.3020 621,196
12. Nugget223601194735 SOAM 32 Pharmuti 5.3019 174,744
13. TDTehCircle SOAM 28 Payni 23.3019 350,866
14. Nugget201701183752 SOAM 28 Pharmuti 4.3019 332,599
15. Nugget943310020629 SOAM 28 Khoyak 16.3020 381,813
16. Jake SOAM 27 Khoyak 11.3020 355,434
17. Plebe2068 SO3 27 Pharmuti 4.3019 321,730
18. Nugget645009273030 SOAM 27 Khoyak 11.3020 374,498
19. Nugget285602205141 SOAM 24 Pakhons 7.3019 730,759
20. The Family Boys SOAM 22 Phamenat 16.3020 163,895

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