Corporate Profile


HQ: London, DS
PCK: Cyrus Mak is widely considered the most down-to-earth and approachable of the major PCKs. Mak routinely dresses in casual clothing and carries a datapad at all times, usually reading or making notes for himself as he goes. An earnest face, reading glasses, and a hairstyle that always appears to be just short of a bird's nest cap off the impression of an unassuming and earnest fellow worker rather than one of the most powerful men in the world. Mak is plainspoken and often has an expression locked in serious concentration when he is at work or in a wistful half-smile when interacting with others. Workers continually rate him very high as a leader; polls suggest Mak is viewed as approachable, friendly, and competent. All this might make the casual observer underestimate Cyrus Mak's talent for management at all levels. The Purus corporation is a sprawling giant with a hand in a vast number of projects, and assigning resources to ensure that all of them are well managed is a Herculean task. Mak has hired very talented executives during his tenure (notably snapping up Dr. Padma Lauritsen from her post at Ygauzes University), but he seems always to know about every aspect of the company when called upon. Mak's training is in architecture and design, but he showed strong skills in administration early on in his career; he rose quickly and steadily through the ranks into upper management. His ability to get along with people at all levels of his organization has made him a humble hero to the working men and women. His devotion to his workers has not always endeared him to his shareholders: more than once he has made decisions to maintain or improve the standards for his employees rather than bow to the pressures of the market. Though this occasionally has caused friction with the board and affected Purus stock prices, in the end such maneuvers have provided long-term employee satisfaction and, in return, workers give their all for the company. Mak has put some considerable company resources into exploring the Rain, though mainly in the areas of providing lift-off and support facilities for space exploration. Purus is consulting on DDH Matsaya's Kalpana space platform, and there has been some rumor that Purus is considering building (or may already be covertly building) its own rival platform. Like all the major corporate players on Ptah, Purus is building ships in privately held factories and launching from specialized facilities; thanks to existing infrastructure, Purus may be better positioned to field a fleet than any other company other than DDH itself.

Contractor Benefit: Thermocouple gearing greatly improved. Rockets are 20% stronger and can burn 20% longer in stage applications.

Purus By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 431
Operations In The Rain: 1,967
Total Rain Pay: $18,480,909.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 4.5638
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $42,879.14
Average Pay/Op: $9,395.48

Top Contractors:

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