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HQ: Druhyus, CP
PCK: In a company all about image, image is what Moshe Bergenfield is all about. Bergenfield embodies what the average citizen thinks of when the words "corporate PCK" are mentioned. A middle-aged man with the keen good looks of a newscaster, Bergenfield is almost never seen without his well-pressed suit and carefully coiffed hair. His voice is a well-modulated tenor and his words are always careful and precise. He is formal enough to keep the respect of older investors and business managers while being just suave enough to avoid the disrespect of the young up-and-comers. Indeed, more than one analyst has suggested that Bergenfield's demeanor and appearance are crafted exactly to meet what one would expect in a PCK. No doubt the company has reams of market research from NWI to tell them what would sell best, and Bergenfield is the sort of man who would follow such directives to the letter. When Zap! Brigade plays a satirical sketch about corporate stupidity (on Rosetta's own Ludatore network), you can bet the PCK will be a parody of Bergenfield; when Pshent Marketing wants an image of a businessman who radiates competence and vision, their artists will invariably come up with a facsimile of Bergenfield. Personally, Bergenfield is well liked and trusted, though he has a reputation for being rather careful and cautious, always seeking to gather as many opinions as he can before forming his own. He is fond of mental exercises and games of strategy, and is exceedingly good at them. (It is said that he and New World Incorporated PCK Edward Chandler play a game of Senet each season which factors into their fee rates that quarter; who wins more often is a matter of much speculation.) There is also rumor that he can have a bit of a temper when faced with what he sees as incompetence or insubordination. Still, his sense of what sells and what the public wants to see is impeccable, and his knack for identifying trends is uncanny. One of the few PCKs to have obvious wetware, Bergenfield normally wears a bronzed dataglove and is known to use an oculus when in business meetings. Rosetta North is, like the other major corporations, fielding a fleet to explore the Rain. If there is information to be gathered from the phenomenon, Bergenfield wants to be the first to find it. The company has also cited some unusual "signals" coming from the Rain: the "noise" coming across many different bands of the spectrum has scientists across Ptah puzzled, and if there is one thing Bergenfield does not like, it is a puzzle-or, rather, a puzzle that is solved by anyone other than Bergenfield.

Contractor Benefit: Better information protocols increase the distance-value of each SDER ping.

Rosetta North By The Numbers:

Contractors In The Rain: 282
Operations In The Rain: 1,522
Total Rain Pay: $22,500,581.00
Average Ops/Contractor: 5.3972
Average Career Pay/Contractor: $79,789.29
Average Pay/Op: $14,783.56

Top Contractors:

Contractor Rank Operations Employed Pay to Date
1. 2 Dev 556420968 SO2 50 Athyr 7.3020 1,680,064
2. Test01 SO2 50 Tybi 5.3020 2,004,447
3. Yaemur SO2 50 Pharmuti 8.3019 4,785,707
4. Nugget1388801070955 SO2 49 Phamenat 23.3019 325,196
5. Test01 SO2 49 Tybi 6.3020 1,884,522
6. NoFriends SO3 48 Phamenat 29.3019 1,226,229
7. NoFriends SO3 48 Phamenat 30.3019 1,240,708
8. Talebearer SOAM 41 Pakhons 17.3019 748,455
9. Nugget174501174815 SOAM 34 Pharmuti 3.3019 275,009
10. Nugget1263406100655 SO2 33 Mesore 28.3019 502,901
11. PowerSlinky7504 SOAM 32 Athyr 25.3020 406,101
12. Ninten SOAM 27 Khoyak 11.3020 427,799
13. Nugget859809295130 SOAM 24 Khoyak 13.3020 535,972
14. 2 Dev 212611354 SOAM 23 Athyr 5.3020 303,944
15. Nugget956810044230 SO3 21 Khoyak 18.3020 254,443
16. 2DevUS06261504 SOAM 20 Tybi 29.3020 253,624
17. Granian SOAM 20 Khoyak 11.3020 324,498
18. Bry SOAM 19 Pharmuti 3.3019 363,717
19. Topher SOAM 19 Khoyak 15.3020 213,352
20. Salazar SOAM 18 Tybi 26.3020 271,829

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