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It's tempting to make up a grand sounding story of Soma's founding, but the truth is better - and far more grand in the long run.

Soma was created in direct response to what we like to call "God's nudge." One day an article appeared in the news talking about a new trend, Christian video games. Following the link lead to the Christian Game Developers Conference(http://www.cgdc.org/). Registering for the event lead (within about 10 minutes) to an invitation to go to Boston and appear on TV (View Here) - to discuss Christian video games and how this trend mashes up against games like Grand Theft Auto. Literally in the course of a single week, Soma Games came into being and the story continues...read part one here: Soma Story.

What's with "Soma?"

In Greek, soma means "body" as in, you know, the church. However, you might not know that in Hindu mythology, Soma was a drink that not only was imbibed by the gods, but also seems to have made them gods. While you have to stretch it a bit, there's something like "living water" even in this myth. But our favorite triple meaning looks like this - "Soma" was the mood altering drug taken by everybody in Brave New World ('a gram is better than a damn...') and acted as the opiate of the masses. From there, the double connection to Christianity and video games is fairly easy to catch.

What Soma Games is NOT

While Soma Games is a group of Christians making video games, we're not what you might call a "Christian Video Game company" and it's important for us to be very clear about this to avoid inaccurate expectations. We're making games that will be founded upon, and informed by Christian thought and the Christian understanding of reality - however, we don't plan on making games that teach Christian theology. There are no scripture references, no Biblical characters and no telling of the Jonah story - other companies have been there and done a fine job. We hope to try something a little different.

If you want to keep up to date on developments inside Soma Games, just pass us an e-mail address at info@somagames.com. We would never dream of selling it - we're shocked, SHOCKED, that you would even suggest such a thing...

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