Current Signing Bonus: $7,971.40
Current Level Bonus: $90.24

HQ: Sorburg, NW
Sector: Transportation
Industries: Shipping; Ground Vehicles; Aerospace; Shipbuilding
Contractor Benefit: Solid and liquid fuel compression technology allows rockets to carry 20% more fuel.

DDH Matsya By The Numbers

Contractors In The Rain:462
Operations In The Rain:1,812
Total Rain Pay:$16,909,784.00
Average Ops/Contractor:3.9221
Average Career Pay/contractor:$36,601.26
Average Pay/Op:$9,332.11

Business Summary

DDH Matsya develops and manufactures a vast array of vehicles for commercial, military, and private use; through its subsidiaries, the company also operates a web of shipping and transportation corridors via air, sea, rail, and road. The Shipping segment handles truck, maglev, tanker, and air freight through a network of logistics centers and terminals worldwide; the company operates a fleet consisting of more than 1,000 Sybina-class transport planes, over 700 oceanic container transports, and a ground fleet of thousands of tractor-trailers, cargo vans, and supercavitation transports. (DDH Matsya Celeronus vans and VTOLs are a constant sight in most metropolitan areas.) The corporation also supplies brokerage, logistics, planning, receiving, and warehousing/storage services. The Ground Vehicles segment designs, produces, and markets semi and personal trucks, automobiles, and air-cushion vehicles under multiple lines, including Vologero, Peracri, Sungem, Sesmet, Benson, and Ganapati brands. The Aerospace segment designs, creates, sells, and supports various aircraft, including commercial passenger and cargo craft (under the Zumsuras Skyworks brand), vector-thrust and lighter-than-air vehicles (the most famous of which is the ubiquitous Umbra Jaunt), space exploration vehicles (the newest of these, the Teivah Extra-Orbital Diametric Drive Craft, is expected to revolutionize the exploration of the Rain), military aircraft, and missile and rocket systems; the segment also provides aircraft support, maintains launch facilities and provides satellite-lift services. The Shipbuilding segment produces watercraft ranging from tankers and cargo ships (including the segment's symbol, the Vaclar crude carrier) to yachts, runabouts, and hydrofoils, and is the world's largest supplier of cruise ships. The segment also maintains various offshore work stations, as well as cargo transfer and docking facilities.

PCK Profile

You can't go a week on Ptah without seeing Echo Tellurian grinning at you from the cover of Modern Syndicate or Éclat on newsstands or sidewalk oculets. Whether he's opening a new docking facility, test flying a Hierofalco suborbital ramjet, or taking his model girlfriend Hermine out to a midnight wine tasting at Priya, whatever he does, the press want to be there, covering the planet's most entertaining billionaire.

Echo is a consummate playboy: he sails, he hunts, he gets into wild political debates on television, he gives million-rik donations to charities, he parties with movie stars. All agree that he's charming, savvy, and plays the media like a fiddle. His business sense is not always the most sound-no one will soon forget the spectacular failure of the Kingu Gravity Lift on Anshel Island and the resultant financial loss-but he has daring and panache in spades. He's also smart enough to choose brilliant and loyal underlings. His genius is in the vision, not in management.

Echo famously dropped out of college to make his fortune, helping to build and find sponsors for the reknown Ammun's Hammer, which won the Heliodorus Invitational three years running. The Tellurian family has long been in the engineering game (Echo's father, Nicholas "Dad" Tellurian, was for years the head of aerospace at DDH Matsya, and though he's now retired, he still retains a seat on the board), but Echo was a black sheep, refusing to settle down and seriously tackle the job of design. He has great skill with a spanner and an analyzer (indeed, rumors fly that when the mood takes him, Echo will throw on a clean suit and spend a few hours in the research and development labs of DDH, cobbling together something it will take the engineering department weeks to work out), but he lacks the focus to stick with any single project for long.

No one even asks why Echo would be pouring DDH Matsya resources into exploring the Rain: as the most powerful aerospace company on the planet, DDH is involved with most exploration attempts. Even more than this, though, the world would have been shocked if Tellurian hadn't set his sights on being the first to plumb the depths of the phenomenon-he has vowed that, as soon as a permanent DDH Matsya exploratory space platform Kalpana is operational, he will personally pay it a visit.


DDH Matsya's corporate HQ, Progression Quarter, is situated on the New Watrey coast and a great deal of the facility is built out into Carros Harbor. What the public sees is all the glamour of a stylish vehicle manufacturer: graceful towers rise majestically from the rocky coast headlands, abuzz with photosail jumpers; the lush grounds are sculpted into gentle curves and rises, perfect for zipping about on Plantilapsus "Planti" personal riders; hydrofoils cut the water out to Oneg, the private island where the workers of DDH can spend a lunch hour beneath the swaying palms or in the spas. Word is that Oneg is a paradise.

Progression Quarter houses extensive showrooms and "transparent" facilities where tourists can view the latest innovations being brought to life; factory tours are extremely popular and a highlight of any visit to Sorburg. The sprawling grounds also boast the Ahket Launch Facility, the Yeates Aicraft Proving Grounds, and Cestor International Raceway.

The loosely kept secret is that all the showrooms in Progression Quarter are just that: for show. The real work of DDH goes on in the vast underground complexes and workshops-the legendary Miracle Rooms. Rumors abound as to the wonders and vastness of those facilities: underwater docking bays and research stations; miles of maglev tubes that can whisk employees miles in moments; stories-high gantries and multi-engine test cells in workspaces where one can barely see the opposite wall. All employees who work in the Miracle Rooms are required to sign complex and draconian non-disclosure agreements; it's likely the public will have to be satisfied with speculation and rumor about what happens in those tunnels for a long time to come.


Doloran Matsya was the king of an ancient band of nomadic traders that were traversing the Bellovua Desert even before humanity learned to read. Under his leadership this band created the first caravans, the first distribution centers and the first postal network. It was his unique gift for problem solving that built the basis of, and lent the name to, the current logistics powerhouse of DDH Matsya.
- - -
DDH Matsya made its wealth through a vast web of transportation vectors on two levels: the sale of personal, military, and commercial vehicles, and the shipping of goods, often along proprietary corridors. The Matsya company had its origins in the nomadic trading cartels which controlled the roads of some of Ptah's largest continents, called the Highway Pact; DDH was a shipping arrangement among sailors (whose compacts came much later in Ptah's history; DDH is the modern acronym for Dag Damkina Hridaya, which loosely translates as "heart of the deeps"). The two groups worked well together for many centuries, but it was still a surprise when they merged into a single entity. This merger took place just as the aerospace industry began to develop: the combined DDH Matsya began a ruthless campaign of swallowing up other companies (including Landry Aircraft and the famous Zumsuras cooperative) and controlling Ptah's airspace from very early in the game.

In the past several decades, DDH Matsya poured most of its resources into vehicle design and production, which usually gave large initial returns on investment, and several of their transportation contracts were allowed to lapse or be renegotiated for extended periods at low rates. Recently, DDH Matsya has taken steps to reclaim and exploit the transportation corridors (mainly made up of allodially held toll highways, private docking facilities, and flight paths dominated by DDH air traffic) anew. Several observers have considered this loss of revenue an unconscionable oversight by the company. (Apicata Brenhall in Modern Syndicate called it, "The largest corporate blunder in memory, eclipsing even Kingu in ineptitude.") Many blame Tellurian as PCK for not considering such mundane revenue streams important enough; others suggest this may be part of a larger plan by Tellurian, though no one has yet discovered what that plan's goal might be. Tellurian, in his usual fashion, downplays the misstep with a laugh and a wave of his hand.

The space program has been a boon to DDH Matsya, as they are by far the most capable of advanced space flight and their launch facilities are second to none. Each of the major corporations of Ptah have their own space exploration program and are racing to take advantage of the Rain, but many rely on products from and contracts with DDH Matsya for their transportation. The corporation is under considerable pressure to share technology with several governments, but so far have managed to doggedly hold on to their blueprints and copyrights. So successful have DDH Matsya's efforts to dominate the space market sphere that there has been some resentment against it in many corporate boardrooms and the popular press. (The lead article in the last issue of Lapsus Astrometricus was titled, "The ‘Rain': Echo's Private Sandbox?")

Business Relationships

Alinas and DDH have strong connections from many years of transporting food and other agricultural products; almost all Alinas goods move in DDH Matsya transport to distant markets. DDH has been pushing Alinas for years for a joint venture to produce a new generation of agricultural machinery; the segment has always been problematic for Alinas and fields many complaints. Anne Selket, PCK of Alinas, is reluctant to turn over any profit stream to another corporation, and DDH Matsya has had difficulty breaking into the market with their own vehicles due to customer loyalty and poor marketing. Privately, Tellurian seems lackluster about the prospect of manufacturing "tractors and plows." Tellurian and Selket have had public spats in the past as well; the two PCKs don't seem to like one another personally. (In recent months, Selket has taken to exclusively referring to Tellurian in the press as "that man at the head of DDH.")

DDH Matsya is the number one contractor with Panis Global-Eresh ACV mobile artillery and Aethon scramjet fighters are all, at their core, DDH Matsya technology; Panis' Tau troops get to the battlefield on DDH-made Velox transports. However, DDH only makes the body and basic control systems of the vehicles it provides to the military corporation: IDX provides the power plants, and Panis installs its own armor, weaponry, and computer systems post-fabrication. Though the business relationship between the two is quite cozy, DDH Matsya would love to get its hands on Panis' blueprints; rumor has it that they would like to manufacture their own line of military hardware for sale to Panis' competitors. Beneath the warm exterior, some serious corporate espionage may be in the works.

DDH Matsya and DASA Corp. are increasingly at odds over medical transport, from vectored-thrust medmobiles to airlift facilities and transport of medical supplies to battlefield hospitals. The contract agreements (and old ties between the companies after the Therecia Incident) are up for negotiation and though DASA would like to break free from DDH's stranglehold on their transport options, they do not have the resources to immediately construct and deploy their own vehicle fleets.

Tellurian gets along well with Edward Chandler, PCK of NWI. The two have been seen together on several occasions and share the closest thing to a warm relationship Chandler seems capable of having. There are a few business contracts between the two companies (as all the major corporations on Ptah use NWI's research and advising services), but few imagine the think tank has much influence over Tellurian's decisions.

DDH Matsya and Rosetta North have a love-hate relationship. Observers credit many of DDH's better ad series to the wizards at Rosetta North-the much-hailed "Moved by Passion" campaign was entirely credited to Rosetta-but Echo has repeatedly snubbed Moshe Bergenfield, PCK of Rosetta, in the press ("While some of us are out actually doing things, Moshe sits-with his perfectly slicked hair and natty suit-thinking of ways to describe us," he told Judy Ravens at Commerce Today), and more often than not either ignores the company's advice or modifies it in ways Rosetta disapproves of. A few business watchers have suggested that some of the negative backlash against DDH Matsya in its key role as contractor for exploration of the Rain may have begun in the halls of The Interchange.

Tellurian has made his dissatisfaction with Mystery Alliance's PCK, Parsu Carnake, known. The banking corporation has, in the past several years, refused to raise DDH Matsya's credit rating (citing their uneven market performance ), and has more than once refused to approve the massive loans DDH requests on a regular basis. Most observers suggest that the truly epic bath DDH Matsya took on the Kingu affair has made MA wary of loans to the mercurial Tellurian.

Promo Material

Look around you. DDH Matsya is part of your life. All across and above Ptah we maintain the largest fleet of ships, aircraft and sub-orbital shuttles ever assembled. That beverage dispenser? Delivered by DDH supercav. The coffee you're drinking? Flown in from Antora by Sybina transport, then brought to your local store by Celeronus van. The cup you're drinking from? The polymer was perfected in a DDH orbital science facility. Most likely, everything you see around you was moved from a manufacturer to your local retailer by DDH Matsya; everything from how you get around to the fuel you use to get there moves on DDH technology. The only thing greater than our dedication to serving you is the joy we take in doing the job.

DDH Matsya—We Move the World.

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