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A Script is Born

We’re glad to come out of a long period of news-hibernation with a great headline about the upcoming (fingers crossed) Redwall movie.

To get you caught up in case you’ve missed it, back in February 2021 Netflix announced that it had purchased the rights to the Redwall universe and was planning to make both a movie and a TV series. We were understandably excited.

But then things went silent…until now.

The beloved author of Over the Garden Wall, Patrick McHale, recently gave an interview to LordTBT at the Redwall Wiki to announce that the initial script is complete. That’s great news for every Redwall fan..maybe…or maybe not. We’re here to share our own hot take on this announcement.

Soma Games is Cautiously Optimistic

The response of the online community to all of this has been generally mixed. On the one hand, are fans happy to see their favorite fantasy moving toward additional expressions and a blockbuster movie is a great way to go. On the other hand, are those fans who fret that Netflix will do some serious violence to a story they love and are happy to share some pretty choice words on the matter.

For us at Soma, we understand both sides. We lived through pretty much the same kind of mixed response when we were working on The Scout as far back as 2013. We had all manner of letters and emails expressing the same kind of hope mixed with concern. For us, we took that very seriously and spent a lot of time and effort trying to orient our work with the vibe and expectation of the core audience. And while you can’t make everybody happy, we’re proud to have been accepted, adopted, and even celebrated by the Redwall fanbase.
Netflix has done some shoddy adaptations, no doubt. But they’ve also made some gems. (Maybe I’ll get shot, but I LOVED Sandman.) So we know there is precedent for a really solid production and hiring McHale for the script is a good sign. We also have Reed Hastings’ stated goal of beating Disney at family animation. That’s a huge goal. Something that would take years to build up, but it also speaks to the possibility that he just might mean it.
All that is to say, we want to give them the benefit of the doubt, lean toward the encouraging, and publicly advocate for the level of excellence that this IP deserves.

The Scout – Encore Edition is Coming in 2023!

After releasing The Lost Legends of Redwall on mobile at the end of 2021, we’ve spent a lot of 2022 fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and making a steady stream of improvements to the games in basically every category. But the single most requested change has been a structural one, and that’s to bundle the three acts into a single experience that’s better suited to consoles.
We heard you!
Coming in 2023, to Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation is our Encore edition that bundles all the previously released content together along with a raft of solid improvements to make every play session smooth as silk. Wishlist it today!
And to start the ball rolling we’ve created a series of emails designed just for our fans to explore a bunch of behind-the-scenes and backstory lore info that will only be available to you and this mailing list.

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