About once a year the core team at Soma try to get away on a kind of group DAWG day (day alone with God). We drive up the gray north woods where cell phones cease to chirp and the still, small voice seems at least a little louder. It’s fellowship, it’s prayer, it’s strategy…but it’s mostly a check up for all of us. We need to periodically stop and make sure we’re still on the scent. Basically, we all feel like Soma Games is, and always has been, God’s idea and we are doing our best to steward that vision with integrity. But that can be a tricky thing to do as weeks and months go by, as opportunities rise and pass away. In fact, few things are more disruptive to the goal of following the Spirit than success.

So this last trip, about three weeks ago now, one word really popped to the front of mind and tinted everything else we did – brotherhood.

I think I was listening to Rick Joyner talk about Ephesians 4 and this bit:

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

He pointed out that a joint isn’t a “thing” instead it’s the place that two other things meet – it’s a relationship.

I’ve been struck at how Soma has been built out of some of the most different people who often have nothing in common save a love for Christ and a vision for this enterprise. Different skills, different faith backgrounds, different politics…but all the same Spirit. What has made Soma work thus far, and something we absolutely can NOT afford to loose, is the grace we all have for one another to operate in our own individual roles, strengths and Glory. In short, I trust JB to do what he does because I’m convinced in my heart that God wants him on the team. Don’t get me wrong here – I’m not saying his value isn’t also visible to the eye of the flesh, I’m just saying that’s secondary. When I look at team Soma with a perception that this is the team God assembled then I approach all of those relationships with a lot more peace and honor than if we were all merely collaborating on a business or even a ministry.

Brotherhood – I think the point for me, and the team, is that these joints between us are critical and more important to His purpose than simply a way to be productive. There’s an old saw that says start-up companies are fun right up until they start making money – then all he relationships grenade as each person clamors for their piece of the long-deferred pie. I pray that for all of us here the primacy of our relationships and the company culture we’ve worked so hard to cultivate, will be proof against the pressures that success (or failure) brings.

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  1. I’m so glad to read this. Not becuase I feared Soma would fall prey to the pitfalls of success, but because you guys are actively looking at this and what the future holds and trying to make sure that God stays at the center of it all. Kudos to you guys. I hope I can one day work at a company like yours.

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