It’s been…a while…since we had the bandwidth and brain cycles to sit down in front of a camera and share our news and newts with the video-loving fan base. In fact the last episode of Flurry Friday was over two years ago…ZOINKS!

Shaggyism’s aside it sure is great to be back. In this episode we try to quickly cover a lot of ground on the big chunks in the Soma Games story over the silent interim but of course there’s never time to say it all. Just looking at the things that didn’t get said in this video I think about Wunderbooks, Magic and Magnums (the game formerly know as Stargate…), and Cloak & Badger. All of which deserve their own episode, but alas, time is the fire in which we burn.

The bottom line is that I am glad to be here again, able to share, able to ask, and still making games that exciter and inspire us.

We hope you’ve missed us, but not too much, and look forward to reconnecting in this medium over the coming months.


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