We are used to planning for disaster, disappointment, failure or bad news. How often do we prepare to celebrate? Celebration is such a critical part of business and company culture.

Today we are celebrating our Code-Monkey’s title Bok Choy Boys game we made with A&A Global being featured by Apple’s New and Noteworthy section on the iTunes store. Our team was obviously energized and excited about the news. We instantly made plans to celebrate and congratulate all of our friends, collaborators and hard working artists that made this happen.

So why don’t we plan for things like this? Something common to our staff in discussing the topic is that all of them have the experienced the opposite.  People opt out of walking when receiving a degree.  First steps, words and birthdays are lauded but as we grow older we shy away from them.

So at Soma and Code-Monkey we want to break the mold. We are taking time out to cherish this a bit. If you are near our office we invite you stop by and have some fun. We will have an open house from 1-3 pm this next Thursday June 30th 2011.

And if you find yourself in our shoes take a minute out of your schedule and value celebration.



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