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Concept Art

D&M PyramidIt's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so getting some concept art commissioned has been a high priority for Soma Games. Initial art work goes a long way to establishing a tone and personality for a game even if it turns out to be less than a perfect representation of how a game actually looks on screen.
For Soma, a commitment to visual beauty is a core principle.
And we're not not just talking about 'good graphics' - today anybody can do that in their garage. We want every game to be visually striking and stylistic. Photo realism is yesterday's goal. Instead, we want to build games with distinct visual styles that communicate with the players on a visceral level. Whether that visual message is about the rampaging glory of God's creation or the deep ambiguity of the world of angels, we want those messages to come to every one of your senses and we start with the eyes...


Instead of your bringing on the Flood,
  Would that a lion had appeared to diminish the people!
Instead of your bringing on the Flood,
  Would that a wolf had appeared to diminish the people!
Instead of your bringing on the Flood,
  Would that famine had occurred to slay the land!
Instead of your bringing on the Flood,
  Would that Erra had appeared to ravage the land!

- The Epic of Gilgamesh (Tablet 11)

...and prologues

When The Flood first appeared, the flotsam and jetsam of a hundred worlds destroyed in some ancient cataclysm, it seemed more blessing than curse. The immense flow of interstellar ice, rock and gas teems with valuable raw materials and rare elements. Great fleets of mining ships were built to collect the wealth of this stellar phenomenon. But in time, like a gigantic flow tide, The Flood engulfed our entire solar system. The drizzle of tiny asteroids has become a torrent, the thin wisps of gas have changed to a dense fog and the mysterious N'daria suddenly populate the once lifeless space. The Flood and its strange currents now threaten to destroy all life on Earth...forever.

The Arc Saga consists of four games, told as chapters, leading up to the dramatic conclusion in Arc. G is set forty years prior to that desperate race against time when humanity lived in blissful and greedy ignorance of what was headed their way. F takes place 15 years later as a bold project has been undertaken to colonize the neighboring moon. Most of the world still talks of The Rain but the miners sent to harvest its resources have begun to refer to it it The Storm. E is set 15 years later still. Dreams are becoming nightmares, The Rain, once thought to be our hope, is increasingly understood as a grave threat.

G Missile Concepts

G:Into The Rain

The first prologue to Arc and chapter one in our series, G is now live and available for sale.

The Rain.
"For over 30 years we watched it approach. At first we saw an emptiness in the sky, as it obscured parts of the heavens. For a generation, we pondered. Soothsayers and Prophets, Kings and Men cast their thoughts into the Rain. As it drew near we began to discern more of its nature. Science turned fear to hunger, and the kingdoms schemed and plotted for their gain. We saw the Rain as a blessing. Corporations saw wealth. Nations saw power. Humanity pined for the Rain. An old dream stirred and our waking thoughts were transfixed – the colonization of Bast – our Companion in the night sky. The Rain has now drawn close, and you are among the explorers who will chart its riches. Your training is complete. Your day has arrived." - From G:Into The Rain

Fire Control GUI


F takes place 15 years after the events in G when humanity has mounted a massive effort to collect the abundant resources of The Rain in an effort tot colonize their moon - Bast. Where G's primary game mechanic was gravity, F builds on that using another physical constant - Force.

This is an early image of the SLLA refinery. While the basic idea is right, we felt the look was a little too clean for this world, a little too Star Trek and not enough Steam Punk.

Final SLLA This was a lot closer to what we wanted the SLLA to look like, sort of menacing.

The player in F controls a ship similar to this one that is used to maneuver and collect objects in a level. The ship needed to be sturdy and rugged - no place for particle sails here.

Here's a shot of what the game UI might look like. With any luck we'll be able to pull off what we did in G - namely that the concept art and screen shots are almost the same...

This isn't exactly concept art but it does start to bring various pieces together...and plus I just really like it.


E takes place 15 years after the events in F when the density of The Rain and the size of the incoming icteroids presents a clear and present danger to the planet's surface.
Orbital Defense Turret


Arc is a fast-paced race against time as your mining ship is shanghaied into a desperate plan to evacuate a dying Earth. Play as a pilot, a gunner, or any number of other positions on a ship built for cargo, not for refugees; the choice is yours but pulling this off will take a well integrated team, each who knows their specialty and each able to work together seamlessly.

This is a first draft sketch of a sample ship from our good friend Justin. It's a little hard to see much in our scan of his pencil drawing but it set the stage for later versions like the one below.

Pencil Arc Ship

Justin took the earlier pencil sketch and expanded the design to include more detail. Adding an inking we were able to get a piece that eventually made it into our investor presentation.

Ship ink

N'dariaWe've been playing with several ideas for the 'bad guys' in Arc. The first ideas were spider like robots, then something more like space spiders, but when Justin showed us his initial sketches of the ship which was far more nautical than we first imagined, this space/ocean theme suddenly gelled. From there, he generated this first pass at the jelly-fish critters we're calling N'Daria.

That Giant Robot Game You Have...or GRoG

From Voltron to VeriTechs, Giant Robots hold a special place in the imagination of every boy. Think back to your favorites; the Transformers, G-Force, Robotech, or even Mechagodzilla - we've been fascinated with robots ever since Gort stepped from the saucer in "The Day The Earth Stood Still."

Now imagine taking control of your favorite giant robots from pop-culture and pitting them against the invaders from Planet-X. GRoG casts you as Professor Mortimer, the brilliant engineer turned entrepreneur, turned global protector. As giant monsters rampage through cities around the world, presidents and kings look to your mechanized creations to save them.

GRoG is the project that has so far received the least amount of visual styling and that's frankly because we've been busy with other things.

We currently have a new intern whom is working on concept art for GRoG, so hopefully we can get some more artwork here for you to look at soon.

GRoG 1

The Race

Centuries ago a new race suddenly appeared on the world stage – The Avatars. Some legends paint them as invading conquerors, others as merciful liberators, but every story tells of the massive war between the Avatars and your ancestors...but so much has been lost, and forgotten, in time. It was said The Avatars came from the sky on pillars of cloud and fire, unarmed but able to topple nations with a word, like men in appearance but unlike anything mankind had ever seen.

And then, or so it seems, they melted away. After defeating humanity, and setting up a worldwide kingdom that has endured many hundreds of years, The Avatars quietly fade from history, leaving only their maddeningly perfect simulacra behind.

Enter the world of The Race

A fantasy role-playing game set in Earth’s distant future. Players explore a fantastic world on the brink of revolution; hauntingly familiar to our own, but changed beyond recognition by the mysterious race of Avatars. Who were they? Where did they go? And most importantly, who are you?

Thanks to Devin Parker for his work on this title. Check out his on-line portfolio here: http://mysterycycle.deviantart.com.
The following three images show a progression from a final ink drawing, through an initial marker color sketch to final color for an environmental shot for The Race.


Ehllay 2

Ehllay 3

Avatar AwakenedThe following two images show a progression from an initial pencil drawing to final color poster. This shot shows one of the enigmatic Avatars standing up after 1000 years of sitting perfectly still. So, you know, the locals are a little freaked out by that. :)

Avatar ColorThis piece is really our favorite so far. More than anything we've seen to date, this image was the moment when the vision for this game, and even this company, really came to life.

EhllayHere are a few additional sketches from our early work with Devin. These are just roughs, but they do a great job of showing the kinds of things we've been working toward.

Ehllay 2

Ehllay 3

Dark Glass

'Wouldn't it be dreadful if some day in our own world, at home, men started going wild inside, like the animals here, and still looked like men, so that you’d never know which were which.'
Lucy, Prince Caspian

Peter Tsiorba is a promising young Marine captain assigned to DevGroup, America's elite anti-terrorist squad of Special Forces. At the critical moment in an overseas snatch-and-grab mission, Peter sees something he was never supposed to see...and it costs the life of his fellow soldier. Suddenly caught up in an ancient, global conflict way beyond his pay grade, Peter must quickly learn what it means to be a pawn even as he struggles to become a knight.

Dark Glass is a near-future military mystery in the vein of Splinter Cell or The Bourne Identity. You play the role of Cpt. Tsiorba, a man who suddenly and inexplicably gains the nascent ability to 'see' the sometimes bizarre, always mysterious spirit world around him, but only at the cost of blindness to the material world he knows and trusts. Recruited into the ranks of a trans-national, ultra-secret intelligence organization, he is asked to use his new 'gift' in the service of people and causes that he finds impossible to contact, much less understand.

Thanks to Chris Breithaupt for his work on this title.

This piece was created for our first sell sheet. It shows the story's protagonist dealing with the implications of his new life and the challenges involved in foregoing the military training he's relied on for so long to embrace his new spiritual gift.

Dark Glass Peter

IconographyChris brought this image to me and said he was thinking about the game's 'iconography.' I said, 'huh?' But after a little explanation I see what he was going for - and I really liked it. This image was seen as representative of the intelligence organization Cpt. Tsiorba comes to work for.

Woman on StreetThe central idea in Dark Glass is the dichotomy between what we see in the physical world compared to a spiritual world. This picture represents a kind of blended image (that might be impossible in the game itself) of both a physical and spiritual components of a human woman.

Mexican standoff

These pairs of images are meant to be seen together - basically a physical and spiritual version of the same shot. The top pair is a picture of a 'good guy' while the lower pair depicts a 'bad guy.'

We'll continue to post concept art here as it gets developed. Keep your eyes open!

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