Everyone loves a personality test! A solid example or description of what makes you… you! Did you know that in Redwall, many critters share similarities and differences in terms of personality? It’s fun to explore and learn them all; to get a glimpse at what makes each character decide, act, and socialize as they do.

For The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout, we created our own personality archetypes to better define how our characters tick. The more you get to know each and every character, the more in-depth you learn their personalities. Each character is defined by a handful of personality cards. Every critter has a Root Value (Tree), a Heart Cry (Heart), and a Temperament (Hourglass). Like snowflakes, our critters have their own quirky combinations that make them unique.

Root Values:

What qualities act as your anchor? Are you a Philosopher? Do you like taking things at your own pace? Observing and learning from your surroundings? Or are you a Jester. taking every moment as it comes, bending and adapting to every opportunity like the wind? These Root Values represent the individual’s highest priorities, deepest beliefs, and driving forces. They are also known as “guiding principles” for each character; who they are, what they believe, and who/what they are as they go forward in life. There are four choices: The Philosopher, who values knowledge. The Warden, who values wisdom. The Jester, who values love. And the Knight, who values power.


This way of value branding was inspired by Taylor Protocols, creator of Core Values Index studies. He dives deeper into similar personality thirsts; you can read all about it here: https://www.taylorprotocols.com/core-values-index

Heart Cries:

What recharges your energy? We all express and receive love in different ways. How do you socialize with your fellow critters? Your Heart Cry says a lot about you when it comes to interacting with others. Maybe you find joy in benefaction, seeing your friend’s face light up with a well-thought gift. Or you find fulfillment through ministration and serving others. Heart Cries are important when it comes to creating a better understanding of your needs, and how you support your fellow critters’ growth. There are many ways to spread a smile in Redwall. Take our main character Liam: He finds joy in serving others, and he does that often as a Lilygrove Scout. Ministration, Encomium, Communion, and Benefaction are the Heart Cries that we define our characters with. Each Cry can take many shapes, but in these cards we focus on action.

It is our spin on the 5 Love Languages (well, more like Redwall’s spin): https://5lovelanguages.com/


The king is a stern leader, always ready to make the right call to those he serves. In comparison to the sage, serving in his own natural way. Are you kind-hearted and gentle like the shepard, or do you prefer the solitude and comfort in knowledge? These Temperaments are the final twist into how a character acts and reacts in situations. Each Temperament brings balance to what we perceive. They are not good or bad, but play into how a character matures and self-develops. The Temperaments we focus on are The Scholar, The Shepard, The King, and The Sage.

There are many personality tests that you can take for your human self. When it comes to Temperaments, we were inspired to relate to the DISC personality test. You can find that test here: https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/

We use these cards to help label our characters and bring out a deeper personality in them to those who go looking for it. Never judge a book by its cover, but maybe by its cards. What Root Values, Heart Cries, and Temperaments do you see defining yourself?

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