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Happy Halloween! Chris answers a great question about The Redwall game asked by Thomas Moloney on Facebook.

Thomas:”I think adventure style would be a good way to gamify the individual books. Are we talking original content here or the gamification of books here?”

Chris: The answer is both. We felt like for a minimum viable product, especially for the very first one coming out of the gate, we need to make sure that we were exploring and representing existing stores because people want to interact with those characters. So for the very first thing
out the door we are going to be using the stories around the first book. So it’s Matthias and Constance gang and finding the sword of Martin.

That will be the backdrop of the story and you’ll be in a place that you can interact with those characters. However you cannot be those characters and that’s where the part comes where there is new content and we will be adding some new sideline characters that are interacting with them but they’re part of the residents of Redwall during the time of Clooney’s siege. Those will be the player characters that you take on. It will be new content but it will be wrapped up in the existing story that you already know and love.

We take this from an idea that says that any time that we are dealing with existing story, whether it’s a book or movie, folks who love the material don’t want it to be broken. We realize that if we if we gave the player an opportunity for example to NOT find the sword or NOT defeat Clooney you open up a whole can of worms. You start telling a story that Brian Jaques would never tell. We know that story has to be sacrosanct. At the same time you need to know that your actions matter. Rehearsing what they do or did isn’t any fun so instead we have this kind of have your cake and eat it too place where you get a chance to be a part of that story without having to be its prime motivator. So that’s a good balance and we’ve seen it work in other places. We’re excited to do it that way.

Chris also tells a great Halloween story and touches on how much Soma is about deep story.

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