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Luke Pilalas asks a great question: Do you think there will ever be a Redwall MMORPG? Also how involved will food be in the current game?

Answer: The first question is a lot easier to answer, which is no. MMORPGs are huge undertakings taking massive teams and gazillions of dollars. In short Soma Games is just not that kind of company and we’re not that big. If we try to approach some kind of huge MMO we would just fail. There’s not enough time and not enough money. We are just not the shop to do that. It might be that someone else wants to take that on and it would be awesome but that’s not what we are working on.

Now the food question is something we are working on. This very intriguing to me. One of the most common comments we get from people about what is important about Redwall is the food. Everyone remembers the food, the feast and all that kind of stuff. So in short from a story telling perspective there’s definitely big parts for food. For one thing as we’re traveling through the first book food becomes part of the story. So you have to have that role in there.

We are also working on ways to make food part of the gaming experience and we’ve got several things in the works. But I’ll be honest it’s been hard to find game mechanics out there of people who’ve made good interesting games about food. And it’s such a visceral experience in real life it’s hard to gsmify it. We’ve been looking for a good example. So I don’t mind me asking this question back. Who out there has seen a really good food or cooking game that might give us some inclination. You know, growing crops in crafting things that’s one possibility and it’s one of the things that comes to mind but we are hoping for something better. If you have any ideas we’ve seen any games you think approached food in a really neat way, let us know. But definitely food and cooking and feasting is a huge part of Redwall and it will definitely be in the game.

Also come see how we’re using facial recognition and hand gestures to push the boundaries with Intel RealSense!

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