This week Chris spoke at the LA Games Conference and we introduced a new video series called What We Play.


  1. Keith! Good to see you here. May I presume you found your way here via Google Alert? I know that’s how I find when somebody drops my name. ūüôā

    May I ask – in what way am I misguided? Calling you a sage or in my Pollyanna hope that I’ll get the chance to hear more of your wisdom?

    Either way, thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something here of interest, value, or humor. Mi casa es su casa.

  2. Nice job JB – sorry to have left you hanging on this but you did great.
    LA Games Conference was a lot of fun and a great crowd.
    But as Will Smith would say, “Da#@!” Hollywood people see the world and business is ways that are almost directly opposite of the way Game folks see the world. I definitely have a blog post coming about that…

    Probably the best meeting I had there was 5 minutes with a sage named Keith Boesky. In a very short time I got more insight into the industry than in two or three years so far…fascinating guy and I hope I get the chance to speak to him more.

    Anyway – thanks for taking the bull by the horns JB.

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