This week we had a blast shooting our first Kickstarter film for a game we are publishing through soon. On the set we had John Bergquist (Flurry) as the director, Cinematography Sean Brown of as the director of photography and Red Camera operator, Amy Hunter as sound engineer, Nat Iwata as art director and storyboard, Samuel Neff as editor, setup, sound and acting, Erin E. P. Morris running slate and acting, and of course our actors Peter Lund, Traiz Saenz and Chris Skaggs. Cascade Cigar & Tobacco Co gave us an awesome set location. Stay tuned as we get close to revealing the kickstarter this fall.

We have a lot more to do now but the final product is really looking great.

Also this week we were able to speak and attend CGDC 2012 where we got to see many good friends and meet some great new ones as well. Chris will give an update on that next friday though.

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