This past week we got a chance to have a great conversation with Slide To Play’s Editor in Chief Andrew Podolsky, about (Organization of App Testing Standards). The site was founded to bring some order out of chaos when it comes to game and app review standards. Check out the full interview and have a great weekend.

Chris says:

As indie developers we really, I mean REALLY appreciate this kind of stance. Over the years the fun of app development has inevitably transformed into more and more ‘business’ and its meant that everybody wants a buck. On the one hand, I don’t begrudge anybody making a living but I also got a really icky feeling whenever we catch a whiff of that ‘sure we’ll review your game…if you buy a banner ad thing that has started to creep in. A general policy like what they’re doing at GoOats is awesome but as a developer I know that the problem has to be attacked from both sides. So long as there are developers who are willing to pay for reviews then there will be reviewers willing to sell. For my part, I’m thinking about a parallel commitment from the developer side NOT to submit to that kind of bribery. While I’m at it…perhaps I can get developers to all agree that selling months of hard work for free is stupid…

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