This week on Flurry Friday…
We asked and you answered – here are the results of the Redwall Gameplay Poll! Also are you on Snapchat? So are we! Come see what’s “snap”-pening daily at the Soma office with John B! (see what we did there? That was funny because we used the word “snap” like in “snapchat”!) We are….. @SomaGames there. Yeah I know, so creative. Thanks

Alright Chris, they’re all warmed up. Take it away!

0:35 – Q&A
1:06 – Redwall Poll Results!
2:51 – GDC Wrap Up
3:13 – G Prime on Greenlight
3:40 – Snapchat and Twitch
4:43 – Ballot Barrage Update

Vote for us on Greenlight here.

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