Are you dreaming. If not why? Last week the Soma team explored yet another possible new office space or as many of us would call it a play space since, well our work is play. We have been confined within what we have come to call a box that is now too small. In nature when overpopulation occurs some pretty scary things begin to take place. So instead of succumbing to all that we are trying to find a place to grow.

One of the first places we dreamed of expanding to was just a few doors down and would have afforded a bit of craziness. Our lead programmer wanted to make a cave in the attic, I dreamed of a tall studio where we could create even better videos, Rande would have an executive office and we all could have a common space to thrash out ideas, play, have our family around for hang sessions and in general keep some breathing room.

The next place was nice, clean and well after we thought about it….too corporate. I think our adult was the one who said that, which actually shocked many of us. But that revealed something. You don’t even know what you are dreaming about unless you begin to try some things on.

As my wife and I raise our two kids we have made a decision to allow them to be exposed to different arts, sciences, other creative outlets in an effort to give them a perspective on what is possible for them as they grow up. We want them to find the things they are good at and the canvas that will allow them to express who they are meant to be.

Soma was birthed as a dream (insert here a really cool video we are making expressing how Chris was reminded of that dream a week ago).

That dreams can get lost in the hustle to pay the bills, complete project deadlines and do the daily stuff we all need to do to even push the vision forward. What surprised many of us is how a dingy, maze like, clean slate of huge space got us all back to a dreamy state of mind. We started saying things like “this would be perfect for a screening room”. So we are still looking even though this might be a great choice. As we do we are keeping an ear close to the heart and taking notes for what the folks at Soma are really dreaming about as we grow.


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