Today Flurry Friday is about a great group of young men who came to our shop for a job shadow. Eight guys from four local high schools spent the morning with us and we showed them basically every aspect of our work around here, from art and code to making a video. We laughed, we cried, we consumed a LOT of sugar. One of the really neat things was a hash tag we started, #somajobshadow (see below for all the messages that came through), where our tribe was asked to share whatever single piece of wisdom they thought was important for a young man ready to jump into the world – the results were awesome. Honestly, we expected a half dozen quick lines but instead folks came all out of the woodwork and laid some serious pearls out there. Thank you to everybody who participated in that and thanks to the gentlemen who spent your morning with us – we hope we’ll see each of you again with crazy-mad game skillz.

Wisdom For You #SomaJobShadow

As you launch into the world, we asked a few friends to share a bit of wisdom from their journey to success.

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@somagames As requesedt:Work with+hire people smarter than u. Listen. Learn. Trust ur instinct. Be dynamic. Luv wot u do!#somajobshadowOliver Glenn
RT @melissaleon: "Don’t follow well lit paths, grab a machete and hack down your own" ~ @ajleon #somajobshadowBringing Geni Back
Friends answering my call to action! I love it. Wisdom for h. school #somajobshadowJohn Bergquist
That’s @radiago sharing his role on the team. #somajobshadowJohn Bergquist
Snacks for high-school #somajobshadow #fatpillsJohn Bergquist
My advice: Be competent…ie. follow through on your tasks, do them rt the 1st time, b reliable. So many don’t do this! #somajobshadowlorenkerns
"Don’t follow well lit paths, grab a machete and hack down your own" ~ @ajleon #somajobshadowMelissa Leon
The 3 A’s of awesome spoken by Neil Pasricha from the blog on TED @ #somajobshadowDDO The Agency
Change EVERYTHING. #somajobshadowDennis Rivera
Be persistent. If you want work, chances are you will need to send more than one email. #somajobshadowPaysin
T5: Success can be measured in many ways, find one that fits your character and stick to it… #somajobshadow @somagames.joanpball
The cake is a lie! #somajobshadowShawn Lehner
RT @ajleon: "Define your moments or they will define you." via @_davidhorne_ #somajobshadow”Jeffrey Sass
You don’t know what you don’t know. So experiment. A lot. #somajobshadowJohn Saddington
Fail often. #somajobshadowJohn Saddington
Learn to love ambiguity. There is no rule book. There is not spoon. #somajobshadowJohn Saddington
Yup “@ajleon: Don’t follow well-lit paths, grab a machete & hack down your own. #somajobshadow”James Lopez
Don’t follow well-lit paths, grab a machete & hack down your own. #somajobshadowAJ Leon
Don’t wait for it to be perfect. Launch. #somajobshadowJustin Lukasavige
Trust three things: God, your intuition, and your friends when they speak from their heart. #somajobshadowJ. Osborne-Gowey
Don’t work this summer. Instead… #somajobshadowVictoria Jones
Don’t be afraid to ask questions…it’s how you learn… & others will see your interest and enthusiasm about your work #somajobshadow :)Charissa Cowart
Find someone doing what you want to do. Ask questions. Then be quiet and take notes. Learn then do. #somajobshadowLana_Vaughan
Take charge if the work you do. #somajobshadowJustin Lukasavige
For all the dreamers everywhere: My 10 Favorite “Half-Full” Quotes #somajobshadowTerry St. Marie
Watch "The Godfather" movies for inspiration and excellent quotes! ~ Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. #somajobshadowJ. Osborne-Gowey
If it gives you pause, pause. Think it out. Better yet, talk it out with someone you trust. #somajobshadowJ. Osborne-Gowey
Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. It may be scary. You may sometimes fail. But you will also succeed. Big dividends! #somajobshadowJ. Osborne-Gowey
Give some cool high-school kids some career wisdom. Tweet out a blog post or favorite quote to #SomaJobShadow. Tomorrow 9am-12pm.Soma Games
I am really looking forward to the high-school job shadow we are doing at @somagames tomorrow! Add your wisdom & add to #SomaJobShadow.John Bergquist


  1. John, Thanks. It was a real surprise but a lesson learned well as we fully leaned into the opportunity. We heard from many of the students that we were the only shop they could find in the Portland area that was willing to offer an experience like this. We plan to make this a quarterly event too!

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