There is an old Spanish saying, “You can’t have more bed-bugs than a blanket-full”.  We are not even sure what that means but we sure feel like we have our share of bugs as we near launch for Wind Up Robots.  In any final stages of a game project it sure seems like you can.  We are bug hunting and often fixing one bug can lead to several more.  The trick is to keep looking.  A tendency as we hunt has also been to add in cool things that we either had wanted originally or have thought of late in the game.  But we have to ship and ship is what we do.  Chris and Gavin took a moment late last night to discuss this stage for this weeks Flurry Friday Update.  See our past updates as well to view more of our development process. Have a great Veterans Day and here is a shout out to all the service men and women that have endured wars for our countries sake.  Thank you for sacrificing and fighting for us.  We are so grateful for what you did.

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