So I set out to shoot a video on game icon development and then tried the trial, tribulations and glory of game level design and balancing but when the team saw me coming they either ducked or just glared at me with that look of a bridezilla before the wedding day. Ok, I am overstating it a bit. The truth is we love this part of development. Everyone is functioning at their highest. Yes, it is a little tense at times but really we would not have it any other way. The game is almost ready to submit. The polish we have done in the last three weeks really shows.

Wind Up Robots Game Icon

This week we unveiled the game icon after taking your feedback on the poll both on Touch Arcade, FB and Google Plus. The results were a landslide for Laser. I guess you could call him the Ronald Reagan of wind up robots.

WUR has 28 levels that are now shiny, fun, exciting and balanced (at least as far as we can tell). Cross platform work has begun. We plan for you to be able to play it initially on iOS and then on all PC’s (tablets, desktops, netbooks such), general Android systems including the Amazon Fire.

So by next week we will have submitted the game to Apple and enjoying some turkey day festivities. Thanks again for joining us on the journey. We appreciated you help so much in choosing the icon. So with that we wish you a very good Thanksgiving. May your time with your friends and family be magical and enduring.


Part 2: Friday
by Chris Skaggs

So JB asked me to look this over and publish it when I thought it was ready… I thought I would add a bit. Today we’re all feeling a lot better, a lot more confident. Energy is high…aw heck, lets just shoot a second video…


  1. Yes, the NOOK Tablet is out now. Their previous tablet, the NOOK Color, has a wee bit slower performance (well 50%) but I own one and would be happy to test your Kindle Fire build on my NOOK.

  2. Hi Miakale. Yeah, we know about the Nook and expect to get this game tested there as part of a larger Android build. But we need to get our hands on the hardware to play test it – is it out? I haven’t seen one yet.

  3. Sweet videos guys.

    Have you guys heard of the NOOK Tablet? It is the same size as the Kindle Fire (and it is an Android tablet) but the unique thing about it is that it has it’s own store. There are currently less than 2,000 apps in the store and I personally have had great success having my game Leaf Catcher on the NOOK Store. Just a suggestion. Your game will probably do WAY better on the NOOK Store than the Amazon appstore (which is already way too overcrowded).

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