From Soma Games, the first in depth installment of the Arc series, G-Prime.

Way more than a space gravity puzzle game. You are invited into a mysterious story set in a familiar but oh-so-different solar system.

Climb aboard the sounding station Ptolemy with Chief Barker as you explore the the icetroids for valuable resources. G Prime first launched as a simple a 2D iPhone game. Now play it in glorious 3D!

Look for G Prime on your Xbox One or purchase on the Xbox Store


  • Physics based rocket controls
  • Leaderboard to compete with others
  • 10 Corporations to make alliances with, each with unique benefits and buffs
  • 49 levels to explore and master, plus a hidden 50th level
  • 25 hours of thrilling game play
  • Deep story as the game develops
  • Fully controllable rockets to guide your exploration

Alcohol Reference and Mild Language

G Prime is a gravity gripping, Steampunk styled, moody-beautiful, slingshot simulating puzzle pleaser.

G Prime is the first chapter in Soma Games’ Arc Saga and is a gorgeously rendered take on the classic gravity golf genre of puzzle games while adding unprecedented depth of story and adventure elements.

Explore the vast uncharted mystery of The Rain, a solar-system spanning shock wave of gas and dust from far, far away. In your role as sounding officer onboard Ptolemy Station you configure and drive sub-etheric reconnaissance rockets into increasingly challenging fields where Icetroids, theophosphorus and quicksand clouds make your mission much more work than your employers led you to believe…

 The Rain – blessing or curse, its arrival changes human history for ever… and you will play a part.

Instead of your bringing on the Flood, would that a lion had appeared to diminish the people!
Instead of your bringing on the Flood, would that a wolf had appeared to diminish the people!
Instead of your bringing on the Flood, would that famine had occurred to slay the land!
Instead of your bringing on the Flood, would that Erra had appeared to ravage the land!
– The Epic of Gilgamesh

Gorgeous hand painted art, eerily atmospheric music and a deep, compelling storyline make G Prime more than just a puzzle game. As the first chapter in a four part series, G Prime introduces you to a steampunk styled world where corporate intrigue and competing mercenaries all vie for their share of the unknown promise.

If you like Gravity Sling, Blast Off or Gears of Gravity, you’ll love this game. G Prime is the 3D Arcade-Inbred update to Soma Games’ award-winning iOS game from 2008. Now rendered in marvelous 3D environments plus 7X the background and dialog, this is the game we WANTED to make back then… but didn’t know how.

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