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Quick Info

Developer:  Soma Games from Newberg, Oregon
Release Dates:  November 12th 2015 (Windows and Mac), November 20th 2015 (Steam Greenlight), January 6, 2016 (Xbox One)
Future DLC Content:  Updates, new upgrades and equipment, upgradable stats / abilities for your character, the ability to invest in the stock market
Platforms:  PC, Mac, Steam Greenlight, Xbox One (available January 2016)
Website:  somagames.com
Price:  $9.99
Availability:  Download at somagames.com/g-prime or on Amazon (Mac / PC)
File Size:  1.1 GB
Press Contact:  Keenan Erwin | tenerestricta@somagames.com
Social:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IndieDB
Media Assets:  Download zip

Alcohol Reference and Mild Language




Comments, Reviews, and Awards

“First impression: wow, this looks gorgeous, the devs truly made an effort here. Already worth voting for! Then I realized I might also really enjoy playing it! Can’t wait to see this on Steam. Good luck!” -Sloblock2000
“Best of luck to you guys! I hope you get on Steam. I loved playing this at CGDC 2015!” – Zamzee
“Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!” -DeNmarK
“I already bought this game for Mac/PC and love it!” -cur33
“I love the concept of this type of game it won of my guilty pleasures.” -Vermithraxprot
“original version was great on iPhone. Looking forward to seeing what this version offers.” -*****eric
“Nice game ^^ so excited :)” -T-REKT

Award from TheologicalGaming.com: Most Biblical Video Game About Genesis 4-6 (Humanity’s Fall & The Flood)





A gravity gripping, Steampunk-styled, moody-beautiful, slingshot simulating puzzle pleaser. If you like Gravity Sling, Blast Off or Gears of Gravity, you’ll love this game.


Explore the vast uncharted mysteries of “The Rain”

…an incoming solar-system spanning cloud of rock, ice, metal, and other asteroids containing precious materials. This creates a boundless opportunity for wealth, and this is where you come in. In your role as sounding officer onboard Ptolemy Station, you are tasked with launching sub-etheric reconnaissance rockets into increasingly challenging gravity fields of iceteroids, theophosphorus, and quicksand clouds within The Rain in order to chart its vast riches.





  • Set the speed and trajectory of each sub-etheric reconnaissance rocket, and launch into increasingly challenging gravity fields of iceteroids, theophosphorus, and quicksand clouds
  • Ping each target as your rocket slingshots around obstacles, and use a limited afterburner to adjust your course
  • A deep, compelling storyline makes G Prime more than just a puzzle game
  • Choose between a host of ruthless corporations, each with its own rewards model – pick the one that matches your strategy to maximize profits
  • Gorgeous, hand painted art
  • Eerily atmospheric music




G Prime is the 3D Arcade-Inbred update to Soma Games award-winning iOS game from 2008. It’s the game we WANTED to make back then …but didn’t know how.


Reviews From the iOS Version

“Wooohooo!!! Thank God I bought this game! It’s AMAZING!!!” – yongkykun

“…the game is simply a masterpiece in the art and sound department.” – KrisJones

“Either those guys at Soma Games are mental, or they’re just complete geniuses. I love the idea they came up with, different from any other App Store game.” – theone1007

“[T]his game is seriously incredible… played this game for almost an hour at work the other day, got absolutely lost in it. Probably one of the best “unplucked gems” on the idevices currently, you really need to check this game out.” – thinkdontpray



Short Trailer


Steam Greenlight Trailer


Xbox One Trailer




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