Google Street View Saved my Joke

Google Street View Saved my Joke

This will be quick, but I just had one of those magical experiences where a technology  gobsmacks you and moves you to the Happy Dance.

I was in Seattle Wednesday and Thursday for Casual Connect and I was talking with Tony from GREE about the Pacific Northwest. Long story -> short, as I was walking past this gift shop I saw a tee-shirt that perfectly dovetailed with our conversation – it would be this cool joke. But it was after hours and the store was closed and so I couldn’t get it. I got online this morning and was trying to search for the shirt at places like Amazon and Snorg Tees, etc but no joy

Sad panda.

But then I thought – I wonder if I could find the store? I don’t know the address, don’t know the name, I only barely know the neighborhood…but I’ve got a pretty good visual memory so lets try Street View. I go to and enter a nearby address and drag the little guy to the map. Next thing you know I’m retracing my steps from that walk. Down University, right on 1st, past Pikes Market…OK, I think we’re close…wait, that’s too far…

Suddenly I see in the shadows of some trees a window filled with mugs and shirts and embroidered hats…and that T-Shirt. YES!

5 minutes later I’m on the phone with the shop handing over shipping instructions and now I get to make Tony laugh after all. Way to go Google Street View.

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