LegionSo I ducked out out of house way late the other night to see the new movie Legion. I’m a big fan of Paul Bettany but to be perfectly honest I didn’t go in with very high expectations. I knew there was some mix of angels and demons and guns and you know, that sounded like it might be kinda fun. But I wound up seeing a movie much deeper and much more thoughtful than the previews suggest.

At its heart, Legion is about the line between following God’s heart and following His command. I’m going to just skip any theological issues I might have with the movie because it’s really not a theological movie at all, and yet it’s deeply about the meaning and cost of faith and obedience.

Without giving anything away – the story starts with God being fed up with humanity like he was in Noah’s time but instead of sending a flood to clean out the gunk he sends legions of angels to exterminate mankind. Michael decides to go rogue and winds up leading an old-west style Alamo defense of a half dozen humans inside a tiny diner in the mojave desert. Pandemonium ensues and Michael pops opena  few cans of Whoop A…anyway, you get the picture. By the way, my expectation of demons in the film…nope, they don’t show up.

Throughout the story however are these flashbacks to heaven and quick conversations between characters and the whole thing paints a really compelling picture of human brokenness alongside human glory. We are both inspiring and disgusting to the angels – they don’t get us – and the war in their ranks is ultimately over something Michael says, “All these centuries [God] has taught us nothing but to love [mankind].”

There are some really profound things said between Michael and Gabriel, who comes to clean up the job Michael has abandoned. These are brothers who deeply love and respect one another but find themselves on opposite sides of a civil war and their crystal clear  knowledge of heaven makes their struggle all the more poignant.

I reckon I can’t say much more here without giving stuff away so I guess I’ll wrap this up. But the bottom line is this – Legion is unlikely to get nominated for any Oscars but it is far more interesting and far more intelligent then you would suspect from the trailers. Another great performance from Paul Bettany and was that really Dennis Quaid…dude aint looking too healthy these days.

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  1. Huh…I wonder if Max Douglas was credited in the movie anywhere? I didn’t read all the way down your review (looked like spoilers), but the premise is the same as Therefore Repent!, which is an awesome graphic novel. I guess I can only say the preview was awesome, but I’d guess the rest of the novel was equally good.


    Download here:

    My guess is that someone read the graphic novel and wanted to reinterpret from a more Hollywood viewpoint? Pity that it starts out with a gunfight, as opposed to Therefore Repent!’s more relational approach.

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