I’ve always imagined Soma Games as a transmedia company. In fact I have a version of our logo that says Soma Media. While we’ve spent the majority of our time making games we’ve also dabbled in comics, fiction and video all along the way. For example have you seen the G inspired music video and the Nephilim hinting comic teaser, And Also After?

This is driven by a core desire to collaborate with all kinds of creative people from film makers to illustrators to musicians. Which brings me to the reason for today’s blog.

We are very excited, and honored, to be working with Liz Vice.

Liz Vice is a Portland Soul/R&B/Gospel singer who I first saw with Josh Garrels about two years ago. Her sound reminded me of 60’s and 70’s soul music like Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner. But more than that I just loved her stage presence. She’s warm and funny and humble and more often than not, barefoot.

As her CD got worn out in my Jeep I started to think that a couple specific songs really fit in the game. They’re great music anyway, but they also fit as world-building details. The kinds of things that makes a fictional world feel lived in and fleshed out.

So in the next release of G Prime, along with a ton of other improvements, we have the honor of featuring two of Liz’s tracks, Pure Religion and Enclosed By You. Lord willing, this is something we can keep doing and give more of our favorite musicians another way to share their jams with the world of gamers.

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