So were just wrapping up the 2011 MeeGo conference (#meegoconf) down here in San Francisco and we’ve seen some really cool stuff, heard some interesting news, and met some awesome people – but the first thing I want to write about is a bit of news I just heard from Tom Sperry of Exit Games.

Earlier this month Exit released their Photon multiplayer socket tech as a library for MeeGo – which is a big score for the adolescent OS.

First off – if you don’t know Photon, check it out here:
In the spirit of full disclosure this is technology that we are only starting to dig into but it’s very interesting what were seeing especially with it’s connection to OpenFeint. Simply put, Photon is a library/SDK that facilitates real-time cross-platform multiplayer networking for multiple devices. You want your iPad app to play connect-four with the Android handset version? Check out Photon…

Anyway, while it’s a very tech all by itself, the news that they now have a MeeGo flavor really caught my eye. For one thing it says something about the growing body of code going into this system that is only just coming out of the gates. Two – like it or not, MeeGo will probably get its best shot in the arm from a viable body of mobile games, and sweet utilities like Photon will enable the kind of functionality that could make a genuine hit.

So that’s really it for this post. It’s really just a news bulletin…but if you want to learn more about Photon and Exit Games come on over to CGDC in July (#cgdc2011 / CGDC site) where Tom will be moderating a round table discussion…and ask him about MmeGo.

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