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Video Games as Soul Medicine

Introduction David Brenner recently made the case that the world needs stories. Not just any stories, but the right kind of stories. I wholeheartedly agree, especially with the latter point. It has become rather fashionable these days to opine on the centrality and necessity of capital S “Story” for brands, politicians, and almost anything else. Storytelling is…


The Scout Anthology on BBC Radio

Not long ago, BBC Radio featured Austin Schmidt, voice actor of our very own Liam Rivermouse, in an interview about The Lost Legends of Redwall™: The Scout Anthology. Needless to say, we were all excited to hear it! You can listen to the interview here:


Soma’s Integration of Spine 2D Software

From the time of our very first game, Soma has used the Unity game engine for our 2D animations. Though Unity has a great animation component built in, there was a wall we were hitting when it came to creating unique animations for our upcoming titles. It all started when we hired Joel Carlson, a…