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Flurry Friday Episode 21 May 10th 2012: Ultrabooks

We have been using an Asus ZenBook Ultrabook thanks to our friends at Intel like Bob Duffy for about a month now and wanted to share what we think of this new category of mobile computers. Intel has categorized these as ultrasleek, ultralight and ultrapowerful. They really stand up to that in our workflow test…


Gaming for Good

One of the best streams we’ve been able to swim in over the last year has been the growing conversation called “Gaming for Good” or “Serious Play.” in that vein I had the honor of speaking at Serious Play in Seattle, the NRB conference in Nashville and now we’re scheduled to speak at Casual Connect…


Soma Games at the LA Games Conference

We’re just wrapping up the LA Games Conference here at the Hollywood Roosevelt and I thought I’d share some snap observations. 1. This hotel is SO cool! Ultra groovy, old Spanish mission architecture updated with modern awesome – just beautiful. ūüôā 2. On the still growling desire to see an effective bridge between Hollywood and…