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An Open Letter To Kris Vallotton (et al.)

(This was originally written as an email to the above mentioned addressee. But then I thought, “I wonder if that busy guy would ever have the chance to actually read mail from a stranger?” Then I thought that except for a few details, it’s really a letter I should write to a bunch of leaders,…


Education Negatively Correlated to Income

There have been several times where we’ve been asked to talk to students about job opportunities in the gaming industry. In most cases, these conversations are hosted by a teacher or administrator who has a vested interest in Academia as a pursuit in and of itself. I think in most cases those folks wish we…


Flurry Friday Episode 23 May 25th 2012: Game Sound

This Friday JB gives a glimpse at the sound creation and process at Soma for game development. We use a lot of fancy equipment but often find some interesting everyday solutions for game sound assets. This is just a taste of the world of soma game sound engineering. Have a great weekend. The tools we…