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Flurry Friday – Oct 28th: WUR Bestiary

So every good tale has a bestiary highlighting the monsters and critters of the tales told. So as we near (only days away) the launch of Wind Up Robots (WUR) we wanted to supply you with all you need to get to know the monster that invade Zach’s dreams. In the game it is your…


Minecraft Moodiness

I was playing Minecraft with my son the other day and we were exploring a cave. As always there is the anxious advance-n-light process of posting torches around vacant spaces while you try to be prepared for a lurking creeper or skely. But at one point we turned a corner and found our first abandoned…


Who Says Apps Are Short Lived

We’re in the middle of a fantastic but unexpected experience. We were planning on running a promo for our iOS version of Bok Choy Boy with OpenFeint this week but due to some unforeseen complications we had to change horses at he last minute and we swapped G:Into The Rain into the slot. Even though…