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Flurry Friday 33: Redwall Food and Intel Real Sense

This week on Flurry Friday… Luke Pilalas asks a great question: Do you think there will ever be a Redwall MMORPG? Also how involved will food be in the current game? Answer: The first question is a lot easier to answer, which is no. MMORPGs are huge undertakings taking massive teams and gazillions of dollars.…


Flurry Friday 32: Halloween – It’s All About Story

This week on Flurry Friday… Happy Halloween! Chris answers a great question about The Redwall game asked by Thomas Moloney on Facebook. Thomas:”I think adventure style would be a good way to gamify the individual books. Are we talking original content here or the gamification of books here?” Chris: The answer is both. We felt…


Flurry Friday 31: G Prime, The Story Behind the Story

This week on Flurry Friday… With G Prime finally ready to ship we’re doing an initial “soft launch” where we can collect some feedback, learn a few lessons, and maybe cut off  bug or two in the process before things “go big” on Xbox One January 6, 2016…which “happens” to be Epiphany for anybody watching.…


Soma Culture :: Friends are Better Than Money

We had a post a while back where I was reflecting on something Seth Godin (allegedly) said,

…it’s pointless to have 1000 people ‘following’ you if you can’t call any of em to crash on their couch when you’re in town.

The week of the cruise there were lots of reasons to do it differently. We had deadlines, we were busy, it was  long drive. So really the logical thing to do would be to grab a quick flight, stay in a hotel, and jet home the next morning – easy peasy. But instead we decided to take the road less travelled, all 636 miles of it. Bill Johnson has this great bit about how most of the really good things we want out of life, especially in the Kingdom, are just beyond the veil of inconvenience.