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Flurry Friday Episode 8- Dec 9th: WUR Approved!

We are excited to announce that Wind Up Robots has been approved by Apple and will be available in iTunes for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch December 15th (next Thursday). We also are about to release our Christmas Game Santa’s Gun Ship through our sister company, Code-Monkeys. For more details on both, please watch…


Just Saw the Kindle Fire and I’m Impressed

So we’re all hard at work getting Wind Up Robots ready for the store and as we were doing that I was thinking we ought to look at the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablets as additional platforms. So I hurried on over to Best Buy and picked up the hardware so we could test it…


Meaningful Social Media

There was a video clip I watched over a year ago now where Seth Godin was saying something like “it’s pointless to have 1000 people ‘following’ you if you can’t call any of em to crash on their couch when you’re in town.” Of course he was speaking to the strangeness of having all these…