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Portraying Good and Evil

I ran into an interesting post the other day that asks whether or not the Nazi’s are forgivable. The post is up and over too quickly to really chew on the question but it raises some thoughts to mind about how a story portrays good and evil. It sure seems to me that growing up…


Publishers Are Missing What Gaming Is About

There is a natural and obvious place where book publishing and video games should overlap. But for this connection to thrive, publishers will need to break out of some old patterns to see what gaming really brings to the table instead of seeing this bigger-than-hollywood business as just a marketing add-on to books and magazines.


Nite Beat Interview with Portland Helmich

This interview was held in the immediate shadow of the Hot Coffee controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto. The other guest on the show has a book called ‘Everything that’s bad is Good for You’ and it was clear that the interview was designed to provoke the ignorant bible-thumping Christian…it really didn’t work out that way.