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Park Bench Project Announcement

We’re excited to announce the #OregonParkBenchStory project. This is a collaboration between the Oregon Made Creative Foundation, Soma Games, Willamette Writers and Travel Oregon. To learn more about this project and our commitment to storytelling, click here! By participating in the Park Bench Story project, you’ll also be eligible to register for a Videogame/Worldbuilding Writers…


Windup Robots Classic coming 2020

WINDUP ROBOTS CLASSIC COMING EASTER 2020!! At Christmas 2011 Soma published Windup Robots for iPad, iPhone, and Android Tablets. This was the second game for Soma with the first being G: Into the Rain for iPhone in 2009. We are re-releasing Windup Robots as Windup Robots Classic! You can see a chronicle of a huge…


Christian Games and Grown Ups

There are a number of unspoken assumptions in the burgeoning sphere of Christian gaming and most of them are both harmful (to the effort) and inaccurate. One of them is that the only way games and Christ could be in the same room would be in didactic and preachy games, a kind of specialized edutainment…