Soma Games winds up in the news here and there, now and again. We also like to share some of our own thoughts. Keep an eye out here for the reviews, interviews, blogs posts, and chatter that cover what we’re doing.

Flurry Friday Episode 23 May 25th 2012: Game Sound

This Friday JB gives a glimpse at the sound creation and process at Soma for game development. We use a lot of fancy equipment but often find some interesting everyday solutions for game sound assets. This is just a taste of the world of soma game sound engineering. Have a great weekend. The tools we…


Flurry Friday Episode 22 May 18th 2012: Job Shadow

Today Flurry Friday is about a great group of young men who came to our shop for a job shadow. Eight guys from four local high schools spent the morning with us and we showed them basically every aspect of our work around here, from art and code to making a video. We laughed, we…


Flurry Friday Episode 21 May 10th 2012: Ultrabooks

We have been using an Asus ZenBook Ultrabook thanks to our friends at Intel like Bob Duffy for about a month now and wanted to share what we think of this new category of mobile computers. Intel has categorized these as ultrasleek, ultralight and ultrapowerful. They really stand up to that in our workflow test…